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1911 Picture Thread

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Yup, NBB


Took it to a skirmish today actually, range was about the same as my KWA G19, its pretty accurate, quite quiet :D....


...and i owned a guy who had 2 Glocks with it, not bad for a 15+ y/o NBB without hop up :D :D

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It is WA Wilson Combat semi custom. I bought it from GnG last year. It is a limited edition gun. Peter told me that WA made 6 pcs for them those guns.


Damn. Are there any other 1911's with a hybrid slide like that?

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When you give a cheapo magnatech:


a. Wilson Combat HW frame.

b. 1/2 can of tamiya matte black paint on grips.

c. 2 cans of tamiya camel yellow.

d. 1/2 can of mr. color semi gloss topcoat. :)



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i was watching face/off yesterday


i need to get some black and gold dragon grips


anyone know where i can get some from ?


Nice V12s fulla, but you need a duel SoB holster to go with em ...


Like my one :D -




AS for grips ... I talked to these guys - Gun Grips and their were pretty good about the idea of doing a custom image in gold on some of their grips.


Something like this, but in gold -



The only thing stopping me in getting 2 pairs is not having found the right image in a high enough res.

The Face / Off design is very Chinese; more lizard then dragon.

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