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I was interested in the MEU SOC....until I realized it DOES NOT come with Pachmyr grips. After that, it's just a Wilson CQB. The Delta Elites do look quite nice, but if(when) I get another WA 1911, it'll be a Premium Edition Series 70.

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I think MEU SOC and Delta Elites come with 6.03 tightbore barrels.


I heard the same thing actually, at least for the Colt Delta Elite. To me, the gun looks a little too bland, though I'd be interested to find out what those rubber looking grips feel like. Those MEU(SOC) grips sure do look like Pachymer, at least with that ridge in there and everything. I promised myself I wouldn't buy another single stack 1911 'till after I got the HRT Special. We'll see how well that holds up.


In other news, I just noticed DEN Trinity has some metal slides out for those new SCW Infinities WA released not long ago. 6.0 SCW Infinity on green= Hardest kick ever, I'd hope?

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Oh you.


An entirely different note, what do you think of the new Colt Delta Elite put out by WA? Or that MEU(SOC) on the horizon?


The MEU is the one I laid my eyes on.....Delta elite is too light for a SCW (857g compared to 1,010g-MEU SOC). the 6.03 barrel is nice...but then the problem with WA is that they cycle their model making it all pretty much the same gun...only minor differences with the markings. Any gun I'm getting next would be upgraded to full metal....has to be a single stack....with everything exactly the same as he real thing. Hammer, gripsafety, sights...everything. So MEU might b the next target.


But how about this???


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Well the review is already on-line at RR


Overall impressions

A definite must for airsofters who are into USMC impressions and spec ops. If you are hardcore about realistic impressions then WA MEU pistol should rank high in your list. For practical player, there are more long range and accurate gas blowback guns out there.


As this is limited edition gun expect it to run out in a month or so, if not faster. At the business end of MEU pistol you can notice the plastic muzzle end. In the disassembly process this is hooked to the disassembly tool’s spikes and turned clockwise to remove it from locking position. Taking apart the WA MEU pistol reveals the body of the beast so to speak. Apart from the muzzle end that also works as a locking part there is recoil spring holder, recoil spring guide with rubber bearing, recoil spring, inner barrel covered with another barrel frame, chamber and hop up unit. The internals appear to been reinforced by the use of recoil spring holder and rubber bearing. Inner barrel is the new WA 6.03mm accuracy standard one.

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Are Infinities 1911-like enough to be in this thread? ;)


5" Limited with polished magwell and upgraded springs:




5" STD with full dust cover slide:




5" Xcelerator with upgraded springs:




5" STD. with Kimber Custom metal slide, Sheriff Steel Chamber and Barrel, upgraded springs, and something else that I forgot about:








And a few springer 1911s for good measure:





Please remember that some people have slower access and don't post so many large files. Edit by nmcabecadas.




Ah, very sorry! I will make sure to post smaller images in the future.

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My Infinity Hybrid 1911IED:




I apologise for the crappy photos, they were taken with a flash and at low-res. I'll take more pictures once I finish the pistol, I just need to find some grips for it!


Any grip suggestions are welcome, I've been thinking about:

  • Carbon Creations black-on-black dbl diamond (or smooth?) magwell cut
  • Black smooth Alumagrips, magwell cut
  • Silver smooth Alumagrips with custom engraving (but what to engrave?)
  • Hakan Pek clear acrylic with back inlaid "something" ($100 bill is too cheesy, but what would be good?)
  • Black VZ Paper Micarta

What do you think?

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I tried it with Hogue Cocobolo, Diamondwood and Goncalo, they all looked wrong. The Diamondwood looked the best, but not satisfactory :(


I agree on the desire for sleekness, though, that's why I thought of smooth Carbon Creations or Alumagrips :) I just don't want to spend too much money ($80 for CC's, $55 for VZ's is a bit steep) since I actually don't like this pistol as much as I thought. I'll probably sell it off quite soon, but there's no point in having it look ###### in the meantime!



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