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1911 Picture Thread

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How i'd like my MARSOC to look like in the near future.




Punisher 1911, Look closely and you can see KWC on the frame.



Wannabes MARSOC. Yes its full metal, yes those are real gunner grips and yes that is a real stell dawson prescion rail. Images from Wannabeuk.com


Link to the thread.


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It was just a Kimber Swat II custom iirc.  Made by sherrif themselves.

Actually, a Kimber Eclipse is a real gun...

Here's the target model:


And here's the standard model (standard in terms of sights, this is the NRA edition):


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looks most-definately do-able.. phoenix does your two-tone slide have trades? :P


I'm seriously considering it now.. itd be nice to have a custom gun under my belt.. failing that there's always the 'get someone else to do it for you' approach . :D

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