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Caption Competition!

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You all are pathetic. That kid (who's *maybe* 13) showed up on ASR all excited about his custom armor, and he thought he accomplished something neat and novel. He showed the initiative to make something with what he had, and ya know what? He showed ingenuity. That's more than most of you can say.


He was then taunted by people just as *fruitcage*ed up as you, who get off from making fun of people who thought what they did was cool, or a good idea, or what not.


The maturity on this thread is amazingly low, and I'm rapidly losing respect for most of you.

If you put your image voluntarily into the public domain, you invite comment. If you can't take negative comments, don't put yourself in public.


Now, I'm not going to -1 you over this, that would be childish. But you might want to think a little before you rep in future.



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