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US Spec Op helmets

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That really is a work of art.


How much abuse does the water transfer hold up to, I have no idea how easily that would be scratched or if it would peel off, but to be honest I think once it's had a bit of wear and tear to it the helmet will look even better.


I've never seen the V lights before, I need to check those out.


That's the best helmet I've seen in a long time.



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Thanks guys. It's very durable. I mean it'll scratch if whacked against stuff, but I put velcro down in the wrong spot and I was worrying that peeling it off would rip the surface, but it didn't. It's got an automotive grade clear coat (matte) on it.


The V-Lites are purely for safety. When I shoot night matches with other shooters its so they can see my head position (I wear colored chem lights on my plate carrier so they know where I am down range as I don't want to catch a 5.56 or 7.62 in the back).


The middle V-Lite is an IR version. Works like a simpler version of the MS2000.


Pretty awesome lights. I'm really happy with it came out. I don't think there's anything I could or should add to it.

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So after a long time i finally got my helmet sorted out. These were just quick snaps so i didnt add the surefire helmet light for the pics. My idea for this helmet was to copy (with some artistic licence) the helmets worn by SF in the germany snow pictures seen on milphotos.net.

i still need to sort out the wires as the LPBP wire is really long (currently rubber band held). comments welcome.





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