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TW Sawed off Shotgun review


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mmm... it seems like the same gun. cept the shells are silver vs pink/red and the wood is of a lighter color. I actually like the lighter colored wood to be honest.

Hey Rapier, are the shotty's that are coming in all have a darker colored wood or does it come in the lighter color that Flint linked to.

Also, I found that Evike.com has shells in stock, at $35/pair, they are silver in color, like the ebay link from Flint.

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Wow, I just realized they are charging $30 more than I do! That's almost a second set of shells!


Yeah! Your price is the best around alright eheh. I'm really interested in the 6mm version, since I can only skermish with 6mm around where I live. Now about this wood color thing Rapier, have any of the the 8mm shotguns that you have sold have the lighter colored wood? I know the body is rosewood, but it seems like there seems to have different finishes or something... I'm not sure but could you clear that up for me if possible?


Thanks Rapier~


Edit: I just read that you havn't gotten them in yet haha sorry. It seems like the pic you posted in the beginning, (the one on Page 1) has a real dark wood finish right?

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Hey Rapier

Let Us know as soon as your site is up and running.....

Definetly You have another customer for this small "hand-mortar"...  :P



Cpt Kaos


Speaking of Mortar....




Airsoft 60mm mortar a friend made. I'm currently working on replacing the leather straps on a WW2 Swedish Morter Back Pack for it. Also made a leather muzzle cap for it.


:) we are kinda psycotic here in Kansas!

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We have plans for a blow back field howitzer also. *Evil Grin* Granted, that has been on the drawing board for a bit over a year now. The mortar cost the guy who built it about $400. The howitzer will cost MUCH more than that.

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