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SA80 Picture Thread

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Since this weapon was supposed to be issued to vehicle crews and helicopter pilots does anyone want to talk loadouts? I cant imagine a crew would use PLCE, would something like a chest-rig be more in order?

Hope this will help you mate! ;)




And i found this on my HDD - don't know which unit and if he even use a AFV, but he definetely uses a Crew Suit with a PLCE Webbing... ;)



If you think they'll be useful I'll put up some pics of my setup to give you some ideas.
I won't say "no!" ;)



Ahh, before i forget it: cause it's the SA80 Pic threat i add one of mine:


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Rarr you guys are quality!


Gadge, what kinda height should the PLCE belt be in relation to your body? Is it whats comfortable? The bottom of my belt sits just above my hip bones and i can get about an inch and a half of movement between the belt and my torso, if that makes sense. I think after what you and Ed have said its going to be pretty tight but not quite tight enough to restrict movement too much.


Ed, ive actually got a standard PLCE set. You know the Flecktarn one, two double mag pouches, canteen pouch, accesory pouch, yoke and belt. Ive got another double pouch spare and the canteen but the flavour of the week for me and my mates seems to be "traveling light" at the moment. Ive got 7 G+P 130 rnd mags in that set up pictured, plus a water bottle. I am tempted to convert another canteen/accesory pouch into a dump pouch though. Move away from the quite American dump pouch look but still retain its usefulness. If you have them around already, pics would be great thanks! Dont go out of your way though. So far Paypal have STILL not cleared the money. Even though i made the order on the 10th. 7-9 days, yeah right. So there is no rush. Repeated phone calls to Paypal only give them chances to make more excuses, so there really is no rush :P


And Bill :P Those pics are quality dude, thanks! Is that desert DPM rig the two guys have on one of the tank crew chest rigs then? Strange ive never been able to find any on any surplus stores/sites. Maybe they are so limited in their production they dont turn up often? Did they ever produce PLCE in desert DPM? Nice pic of your AEG by the way. How did you attatch the material to it?


Cheers guys!

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Is that desert DPM rig the two guys have on one of the tank crew chest rigs then?

No, that's a "Waistcoat Men's (General Purpose OPs) Desert" - the "normal" Combat Vest. And it is produced in desert for sure! ;)

Like this


But i've never seen a Chest Rig in Desert DPM.


Did they ever produce PLCE in desert DPM?

Afaik: No!

Maybe for testing, but no massproduction...


Nice pic of your AEG by the way. How did you attatch the material to it?

Thanx! :) I use carpet tape to attach it, cause both sides sticks... ;)

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Unfort I forgot to bring the camera home with me this weekend, however I''ll be taking the last few bits of my kit I have in storage (webbing included) up to camp on Sunday. I''ll take some pics and post them up on Thursday/Friday (when my internet gets connected in the barrack block).


From the sounds of that setup you''ve got, just one more util pouch would do nicely to fill the gap at the back. TBH, most people only have 5 pouches anyway. The only reason I''ve got as many as I have is through a lot of fiddling and the fact that I''m slightly larger in build (not fat you cheeky sods :P) than most. 2 ammo, and 3 util/water bottle is more than enough really.

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Yeah ive got to say im liking all this PLCE advice aswel, finding it very useful.


Gadge - Ive tightened mine up a bit, tightened up all the yoke cords and taped them in place so they wont move around too much. Im going to get my hands on some para-cord and have a go and tightening them all together aswel. Its not the side to side motion that is that apparent, just the up and down if that makes sense?


Ed - Dont rush yourself mate dont worry. If you can get any pics at all that would be great but if you cant dont worry. The advice from people who actually do/done this is a good first hand source, so you and Gadge are helping loads already. Im trying to speak to my mate whos going back to Afghan soon but hes not around as much as he used to be so its hard to pin him down.


Paypal FINALLY got its collective a*se in gear and cleared the money and the AFV, 2 batts and a scope rail are winging their way to me! Whoohoo!


In the mean time, a quick pic i found on Getty.


Marine with AFV

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IT ARRIVED!!!! My god its nice! The feel and weight are even better than i remembered for an AEG!


The only digital camera in the house is currently being used so ill get some pics up ASAP. Ive already stipped it down to the gearbox :P


Did anyone else have a problem with the HOP on theirs though? I seem to have a total lack of consistancy with mine. Ive read quite a few times on various websites that the HOP rubber isnt too great and needs changing. Also im not totally convinced about the arm that engages the hop. Seems a bit soft? Also getting to the rubber seems to be a bit of a mission aswel. I couldnt get the hop unit and barrel off the gearbox.


But sweet lord it feels good! Hopefully will be going to urban assault in Peterborough the weekend after next where this will get its first game! Changing the spring to an M100 was a bit of a breeze.


Cheers Sadigh, that last picture is really helpfull. Ill get round to the local camping store and pick some of them up tomorrow.


Any help on the hop issue would be great if anyone knows anything. Pics soon!

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screwed? what happened man?

maybe stuck waiting for the army-code creature to come out.


sort of related, my chest rig is lovely, but like my old plce gear the pouches are rapidly going to cack, mostly at the top edges where it gets dragged around. i've seen the OD cadet issue stuff sprayed all kinds of weird and wonderful colors, but can i get away with retouching the worn and lightened bits of the rig without the paint weakening the material further?



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My STAR L85a2 with SUSAT, my 3 point sling just arrived from ZeroOne so fitted that. :)

2007050347939wu8.jpg or Link if the picture doesn't show.

The thing on the side (if you can see it despite the webcam quality picture) is a cleaning rod, not skirmished with it on the side but it's ok for plinking.


Next up a P226 of sort sort and possibly a UGL for the SA80.

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