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SA80 Picture Thread

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right, thanks to snorkelman my l85 is no longer naked

Very impressive looking.


I must admit, I always swore I wouldn't bother repainting the grips on my Academy gun but it's becoming more and more apparent how poor they look.


Incidentally, I was also looking at your idea about making the bolt move on the SA80. TBH, the V1 gearbox is idea for it cos the gearbox walls run the entire length of the 'box. The cylinder is not visible.

I gotta say that this would have a good chance of working BUT I reckon the charging handle would quickly mangle up the Academy shell.

Try allowing your charging handle to slam forward. Now do that 20 times in a row. Now ask yourself if you fancy letting it do that 20 times a second? :unsure:


I reckon it'd work well, in theory, but I just don't reckon the Academy charging handle and shell are up to it.

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nice to see it with its hat back on was looking a bit bald there :)


re the moving bolt some sort of hard rubber stop at the extremes of travel so it doesnt ground out against the shell? dont see them lasting any length of time but would be easy enough to replace


Or set the operating rod so that in fully forward position bolt is actually a mm or two back from grounding out? (depends on how far the piston travels versus available room on the rearward stroke - might be enough room there so bolt isnt grounding out in either end of its travel)


course Im assuming its some sort of guarder AK style bolt mod where bolt gets drawn back at same time as piston using a slot cut in gearbox etc ...

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You're right in your assumption.


Thing is, on the academy SA80 the cocking handle just lies inside the plastic shell and is pressed into place by the gearbox.

The only thing holding the cocking handle in place is a sort of raised square molded into the inside of the shell.

It did occur to me that you could put a couple of screws through the shell to absorb the impact instead of the raised plastic but I think you'd also have problems with thefake bolt, itself, bending as the piston pushed it back repeatedly.


It's a shame cos, as I say, the V1 gearbox is ideal for this sort of thing - far better than the set-up in an AK - but the Academy body and fake bolt just wouldn't put up with it for very long I fear.

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