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SA80 Picture Thread

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Beautiful L85's in this thread. Are LLM01's sold to the public or are they a diamond in the rough?


There are one of two out there for sale... :P


It is the price that puts people off, unless you are stupid like me.... ;)


Alex...Loving the gun mate, looks awesome... xx

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OK..... Thought I would be a couple of photo's of my babies...


No 1. Both Star L85's and both with real SUSAT's. The left hand on has a LLM01 attached to the A2 modified foregrip to add to the overall look of them.




No 2. As above




No 3. The 2nds rifle with LLM01 attached on and bayonet.




Both are my price and joys, both taken 2 years to get to where they are, but that includes all the kit such as Blank Fire Attachments, bayonets, SUSATS, LLMs and a lot of gear that hard to come by but with patience and visiting all the shows, plus having enough cash, I would not sell them irrespective of whether I was playing or not.




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They really look the business Papillon. Does the issue bayonet fit without any modifications?


Thanks for that, they have taken a while to get to where they are....


Slight mod required to fit the bayonet.


At the end of the Star barrel there is a ring which needs removing and there is a slight amout of work needed to remove some metal inside the slide of the bayonet, but this is minimal less than 0.5mm.


Cheers Paps

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It's possible.



But I'm not sure if it needs any modifications or anything though.... he never actually replied when asked...


The gun in the vid is an Army R85..because as far as I know TM doesn't make SA80s xD


I might tape a maglite on my r85 too now.. it looks better than I expected :D



wow my video on arnies would have never thought it sorry if i dident reply i was bombarded with were did you get it from how much did it cost were did u get it from will u trade it and that ######

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Probably the best place to ask... Does anyone have pictures of the underside of the tube on thier SUSAT? I'm trying to work out if i've got hold of a real one, or a STAR one. Couple of stickers on the underside that look fairly genuine.



simple test, go somewhere very dark (a dark room), look through the sight and turn the adjuster for the illuminated spike (for want of a better word). if it glows, its real. if it dosn't then its a replica or possibly a depleted real one.

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