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SA80 Picture Thread

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Just found this whilst browsing the tinternetz and was wondering, whats the point of the 552? or 551? (Still learning all the technical jazz :P ) at the front?


If you notice the wierd high angle, and the grenade launcher below it. Ad that to the fact that the eotech is mounted onto the grenade launchers sight bracket you have to come to the conclusion that its for fast aiming of 40mms at medium-long range (at a guess it looks like its set to 300-400 meters)



Another interesting point in that picture is the scope, is this the new Elcan that has just been procured?

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The scope pictured looks more like a thermal/NV sort of device to me personally. Oddly reminiscent of the MW2 thermal scope actually. The EOTechs far as I'm aware were a UOR, I've never actually seen the other side of the mount but I'd imagine it's got a curved scale with metres marked on for easy adjustment, very handy in afghan I'd expect.

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I just got my Army L85A1. The rear sight has a third screw that the manual states, should screw down to lock the sight. However the screw doesn't want to budge, I dunno if it was an oversight in the manual or if it was a factory defect. As a result the rear sight tends to slip if enough pressure if applied to it.




I need an answer so I can go ahead and RMA the sight while it's under warranty.

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Sort of a ghetto-mod really.


I bought a CAA Triple Rail set for my M4 a long time ago (have sold the M4 since). The Triple Rail accessory has two fixed rails and one rail that can be attached using bolts to the top of the unit.


In this photo below you can see the CAA Triple Rail. The top rail isn't attach, but you can see where it threads into the unit. Here is a link which shows the top rail actually attached to the unit. (Note: the Triple Rail I linked to appears to only have attachment points at the front and rear... Mine, which must be older (?), has three attachment points, forward, back and middle).





The top rail has three protusions that jut out from the bottom. When attached to an M4 the protusions go through the handguard and the bolts attach through them to nuts that are sunk into the top of the Triple Rail itself. You can see where the nuts sink into the Triple Rail in the photos.


The slots on the L85A2 handguard were not the correct distance apart for all three protrusions to slide in. Therefore, I sanded down the center protrusion which allowed the front and rear protusions to slide through the slots in the handguard. I then used the included screws from the Triple Rail set to lock it all into place.


Similar, situation with the foregrip rail (shown below). Because of the spacing of the cutouts in the bottom of the L85A2 handguard I had to sand down two of the protrusions on the polymer rail that I had lying around. I sanded down the rearmost and the forward most, leaving the central protrusion intact. I then drilled small holes in the front and rear and used nuts and bolts to attach the rail. The central protrusion that I did not sand down I slid through one of the handguard cutouts and used a larger washer to keep the nut (which of course was smaller than the cutout) from sliding through.





I know that the purest are cursing me right now, but until ICS makes an LLM unit and the DD rail system, this is about as close as I can get.

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