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Its full title is "Small Arms Collimator" (SAC)




2 The Collimator, Small Arms, L1A1 is designed to provide a means by which

soldiers may check the alignment of SUSAT, CWS and IWS when fitted to the

Rifle or LSW. Correct and careful use of the SAC will enable soldiers to carry out

each of the following tasks:


Boresighting, Recording Zero, Checking Zero






So there you go. :)

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Hey fella, the wing mount was off another scope of mine. but the acog itself was from ebay.

The only issue is, is that its the genuine size at the rear and so the china clone wing mounts are just a tad too small.

I had to file the screw holes out by 1mm or so, so that the scews would tighten straight.


the link fella


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