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Airsofters' poll

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Just a suggestion: is it feasible to compile a database of all or most of the airsoft guns, and people can vote on any of them on a scale of 0 to 10. Even though each individual vote would be biased, but hopefully, if enough people participate, the bias may average out. Maybe have people voice their opinion on a particular model in the same place. This way, maybe the newbies wouldn't post polls after polls, or ask over and over again which gun is the best in the discussion forum. If anyone wants any info on any particular gun, he/she could go to the database, and see what the rating for that gun is and what have been said about the gun.

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yeh i agree to that too... do you think we should start a thread with our pics of the guns(with mods, or just link plain simple ones from some website to save space here) (possibly under folders like: MP5 series, AK series, M16 series etc etc.)

with comments from different other users online. good idea.

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I think we need a special place for this instead of just creating normal threads in the forum because if a thread doesn't get replied, it'll be pushed to the back of the list (unless pinned at the top), and newbies don't really bother scroll down to the last page of the forum, or search for anything.


I'm thinking a completely different section on the site, that basically says Airsoft database (or something like that), and when you navigate in that section, it has a list of all or most of the guns. To do this, maybe allow members to add guns themselfs, and the site mod can monitor for duplicates and delete them when needed. When user click onto each gun's link, it'll show the stats and a picture of the stock gun (from the manufactures), official review if there's one, and a user rating (voted by any member who has an opinion on the gun), and also a user comments (much like a forum thread, but specifically toward each gun, the site mod should delete any irrelavant postings about the gun), where anyone can post either links to picture or just pictures about his/her own gun of the same model with any accessories he/she has.


I've seen sites have this type of set up, but usually they don't have enough participating users, and the system doesn't work well without enough users participating, but I think we have enough people here to do this. :)

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Ah so some form of survey style thing that covers the usual FAQs?


Yes. When I wrote the suggestion, I was inspired by www.imdb.com , the movie database, in which members vote on each of the movies, provide credits information, and at the end, they can write their own opinion for each movie. So, I was thinking maybe to build an Internet Airsoft Database. :) People can still discuss events, playing styles, etc, in the forum, but leave any specific gun related comments to a central place, and no one needs to repeat himself/herself every few weeks.

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If you give me a list of questions and answers you'd like to be stuck up I'll see what I can do about organising for a survey type thing to be added the second my head stops pounding. ;)


I was thinking for each released gun, let people vote on it on a 0 to 10 scale. Maybe most of the guns will end up having 9.2 or something like that, but that's fine, that just shows that most of the guns are the same.


To do more, it'd be nice to add the stats and link to official review (if available) to each gun.


Even more, allow people to leave personal comments on each gun.


If you want to incorporate this into the forum, maybe start a new section called "Gun database" or something like that. And in the section, the only threads allowed are named after an specific airsoft gun (using the official name). In the beginning of each thread, let the user vote (one vote per member of course) on a 0 to 10 scale (0 being poor and 10 being excellent), followed by the official stats of the stock gun like manufacture, weight, length, mag cap date of release, etc, and/or a nice picture of the stock gun. And after that, have a link to the official review if available, and at the end, allow people to leave any comments about the gun.


I know this is going to be a huge section, but maybe it's feasible? :)

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