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Tokyo Marui MP7 Review

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Well the long wait is over and the Oasis is definitely worth dringing from!


I picked the Tokyo Marui MP7A1 up from Frontier for an excellent 17,980 JPY along with a spare battery and some magazines. (Thats right TM finally managed to release the Mags and Batteries on the same day!)


TM have done an excellent job packing the MP7A1 up with a great cover picture of the MP7A1.




The internal layout really does give you a nice suprise.






Straight away you aware of the effort TM has put into making the MP7 a complete package for the buyer. And you really feel it when lifting the MP7 out of the box! This is in no way like the toy feeling i got when I picked up the AEP 18c this has some weight to it and a fimilar feel for those that have used MP5's, G36 and the G3 ranges.


Apart from the weight of the weapon you also notice the ergonomics and balance. It feels totaly natural to fire the MP7 from either a pistol grip position or a more firm firing platform using the fore grip and shoulder stock, but more of that later lets look at the weapon itself!

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Lets take a look at the trades, As some of you remember I took alot of photo's at the 'Blackhole Show' earlier this year of the MP7 and it's trades and i have found a few more that you will all be happy with.


Nothing around the selector area has changes and still supports the Navy style options of fire along with the caliber markings




Also on the pistol grip it still sports the 'HK MP7A1' markings on both sides.




On the right side of the gun you have the Tokyo Marui stap, now never fear as I know for a fact that some one on these forums could possibly making a plastic pressed foil to go over this with the Heckler and Koch trades.




Now one of the new finds is serial number plate found on the lower reciever next to the retractable stock, this is a beautiful touch! Unfortuantly these are not individual for each gun as i inspected the 3 i have and they all carry the same markings, possible the second batch might have a different serial number but we will have to wait and see!



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The magazine only carries one mark and that is a caliber marking and capacity but still it's a nice touch and one that TM normally leaves out.




Moving on to the sights, Now these are excellent quality and many of you might not realise but they are two in one sights. The first is your standard pistol style sight






obviously these are used if your holding the gun in the pistol style grip position using the dots to align your target, but when shouldered using the collapsable stock it's impossible to align them or see them, this is where the flip up sights some into thier own!





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The Iron sights are of a very high standard with no wobble at all both the front and back sights are spring loaded so they snap up and down with a little pressure. One thing i did notice about the sights is the fixing screw it uses a 'Philips' type head which i feel detracts from the overall esthetics of the weapon and it would have only taken a little effort to replace these with 'Hex' bolts.




The foregrip is made of the same high quality ABS as the body of the weapon and is mounted to the body of the MP7 as one peice, meaning if you don't want it you will need to cut the body of the lower receiver to remove the hinge joint.




Once in the ready positioned its very sturdy with no play either forward or backwards or from side to side. The design of the foregrip is excellent as it's locking feature prevents any unwanted play or sudden movement.




To replace the foregrip to it's collapsed position you will need to pull the catch on the bottom of the grip down, trying to return the grip to its standby position without pulling the catch will probably result in a damaged weapon but it the latch is strong enough to withstand enough pressure for you to realise what you are doing might not be the right way about it!



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Moving to the rear of the gun and the collapsable stock. The stock is locked like all other H&K weapons when in the standby postion and it's released by the small latch seen here between the hex bolt and the bolt lever,




Unfortunatly the stock has only two positions fully extended or fully collapsed.




On the left side of the stock plate there is another latch pulling this down disengages the stopping pin alllowing you to remove the stock completly






Thus totaly changing the feel yet again of the weapon

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Now a very suprising thing is the Cocking lever, like all TM's it opens the ejection port giving you access to but more on that later. The cocking lever just like the real steal counterpart is ABS! I never knew this until now and a few seconds research, also the lever is in two parts that clip together. To operate it you must pinch both sides together while pulling it back in the standard fashion. This unlocks the lever and unables the ejection port to open. Again like all TM's it will not lock back so it's very fiddly to get at the Hop-Up unit.






Once the cocking lever is pulled back the ejection port is reveiled, now as you can see the selector is slightly in the way which mean you'll need to take it off safety to adjust the 'Hop-Up' which is a little worrying.



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The rail that runs the length of the gun is of a very high standard along with the two side rails the only problem is that the two 'Hex' Bolts aren't flush with the bottom of the rail thus preventing you from mounting anything on these two points.




While seeing if they would screw in any further i checked the other hex bolts on the weapon and found out they are all in need of a tighten.


Now to the front of the gun, to use any silencer/suppressor you will need an adapter or even possibly a whole new front to the weapon as the barrel thread is so far sunk that its impossible to attach any current form of threaded silencer/suppressor.




To remove the front cap you'll need to flip the MP7 over and push down on the square button just before the front cap



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Once the front cap is open it reveals the battery compartment and inner barrel




The battery is slid inside very easily and then pushed home using the tab that sticks out. There is an arror on the battery telling you which way it needs to be inserted.






To remove the battery you pull back the tab that you used to push home.



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The new 7.2v EX battery is alot bigger than your ole AEP 7.2v battery and also the connectors differ which means you won't be able to use the standard AEP battery in your MP7 and vice versa.






The Ex Charger is of the same style as the previous AEP charger.




I have taken a picture of the charger specs for European buyers.



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Once replacing the front cap we notice the Flash hider, this again is made of high quality metal and screw into place.




Now since posting that there is no adapter or you'll need a new front cap at the begining of the thread i had a rummage through the box and found the adapter that comes with the MP7




This screws onto the outer barrel once you have removed the flash hider




thus giving you the 14mm thread need to take a silencer




or can be removed for the sleek sexy look!



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Finally the magazine and the extras available on the day of release.


The magazine is a low-cap and will hold 50 rounds of ammo. In my opnion its made to a lower standard than the rest of the weapon, I know it's only a magazine but they to add to the feel of the weapon.




Also on further inspection i found another trade on the dust cap underneath.




The magazine is released by pulling down on a latch located on the bottom of the trigger guard exactly like that of a Walther P99



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The only accesories or extras available on the day of release were batteries and low-cap magazines.





I would have to say that the new TM MP7A1 will not disapoint the hardent fan boys nor the serious collector looking for an almost exact replica, as for skirmishers you'll knowas soon as you pick this weapon up that it will be a very efficient tool in your arsenal.


There was a few things i wasn't happy with such as the 'Philip's Head Screws' on the flip up sights and also the quality of the magazines but these are minor things and the screws can be switched over very easily by even the most inexpereinced techi's amoung us.



Packaging 10/10

Quality 9/10

Ergonomics 10/10 (Very very nice in the hands)

Realism 9/10 (but i have no idea what to look for having not handled a real MP7)


Overall 8/10


A few niggly things that were very simple to rectifiy yet weren't.


It's 11pm here so im off to bed, tomorrow i will taking the MP7 to the range to Chrono it and also test for groupings and accuracy in general. I will also try to strip it down so you can see the internals for potential upgrades.


FarEast out!




Guys PM me Questions or requests so not to clutter this for others i will not respond to people whom post requests here


lets keep it clutter free! :D



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Wow, this looks better than I had expected. Way to go TM! I will definitely be picking up one of these for myself. I wish HK had stuck to the USP styled textured grips on their A1, either way still a beautiful gun!

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Oh man, this thing is soooooo nice.


Now i have to decide between a p90 and mp7 :( .


Edit: I and i'm sure many here would also like to know how it peforms, please let us know after you've tried it.

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Here are a few questions I came up with so far. I'm not going to PM you with them because this way perhaps you won't get the same ones a hundred times and it will give others something to speculate on in the mean time (after all this is a discussion forum). If you don't want to answer them because I asked them here and not via PM that's your prerogative but I don't see what good that will do anyone. ;)


1. Bolt catch - Does nothing I assume?

2. Trigger safety - Does it work or is it just for show?

3. Front sight - Adjustable for elevation? Adjustment tool included or no?

4. Rear sight - Adjustable for windage? How?

5. Finish on the metal parts - Typical of TM?

6. Plastic - Similar to the G36C?

7. Rails - Same size as G36C rails?

8. Gearbox - You've previously stated that the internals are supposed to be sort of half way between AEP and AEG internals, can you now confirm that this is the case?

9. Inner barrel - Is it a standard AEG inner barrel design? Would AEG inner barrels be compatible?

10. Charge time - How long does the battery take to charge?

11. Selector lever - How does it feel?

12. Selector markings - Same kind of paint as other TM AEGs?

13. Field stripping - Like the real thing?

14. Sights - Co-witnessable with an AimPoint or EOTech?

15. Magazine - Can you give us the dimensions? Can you take a picture of it next to a few other magazines for reference?

16. Butt pad - Rubber?

17. Flash hider - Is there a set screw?

18. Hop up rubber - Standard AEG type?

19. Accessories - What's out in Japan already? What's on the horizon? Any sign of a hicap or long standard mag? What about that battery adapter?

20. Top rail - Picatinny or Weaver? Specifically what's the slot spacing?

21. Holstering - Anything compatible?

22. Battery size - Can you give dimensions? How about a picture of it next to other standard battery types?

23. Battery cells - What size cells is the battery composed of?

24. Battery type - NiCad or NiMh?

25. Charger - is there a discharge function?

26. Magazine capacity - What is the actual capacity? Does it fire every shot or are there some leftovers as is typical of most AEGs?


And of course performance, specifically:


1. Real world FPS

2. ROF

3. Maximum Range

4. Effective range

5. Accuracy

6. Overall battery life (total shots fired)

7. Realistic battery life (how long until response and ROF get 'sluggish')

8. Seconds to empty a mag on full auto

9. Trigger response

10. Hop up effectiveness with .20g and .25g BBs

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DA*fruitcage*IT -- stupid computer. Here goes again.


I don't have the gun, haven't handled it, but I think I can answer some of your questions.


1) The bolt catch appears to do nothing

2) While it's mostly for show, I'm assuming it actually works

3) There's a little hex screw on the right side, so I'm guardedly optimistic

4) Yup: there's a big finger knob on the right side, no reason for Marui not to replicate

56) I see no reason why Marui would have changed any of that... probably same material and color as the G36

7) While the markings are not present on the MP7, they both have seven channels, and actually appear to be the same size (common HK non-1913 mounting system?)

89) As stated, no idea -- I'm with you waiting

10) I've heard 15 minutes, which sounds about right

11-13) I'm hoping this is all Marui standard faire...

14) I looks like they will cowitness with an AP on low mount, but let me get back to you

15) Again, It's probably a wee bit shorter, but otherwise correct

16) Yup, looks like it

17) I don't see one, but I can't think of another viable retention mechanism

18) I'd assume it's the same hopup material that makes Marui hopups good

19) HK retailers have the designated silencers, unsure on the pro light or pro sight -- but I personally will be using a G&P AP on low mount and Insight M3LED

20) Picatinny, per HK site....

21) This one might be the big hurdle -- no purpose built holsters yet, even the real MP7 holstes are hard to come by.

22-23) With you, waiting

24) NiCd, fairly sure from the charger

26) I'd guess real capacity of 50/51 and that it would also leave at least one BB behind. The catch is in about the same place as the AK ones, so two is also likely.



For now, I'm going to set aside only .2g BBs for it -- if the M80 spring rumor is correct, then that's the correct weight, .23g at the heaviest.


I realize 90% of this is worthless, sorry.

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Well, I was hoping for answers from the guy who's actually holding one, you know so we could avoid words like 'assume' and 'appears' and 'probably' or 'I've heard'. :P


But thanks nonetheless. :D


(What I mean is, fine speculating and all that but I'd hesitate to call speculation 'answers'. Fair enough? I have my guesses (educated and otherwise) about a lot of that stuff as well. ;) )

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