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Full MP7 Review

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Couple MP7 questions and comments...


I just charged two batteries, and by the time the charger timed off, they didn't feel warm to the touch at all (didn't someone mention them getting warm?) I have two, and figured that will probably be enough for a full day's skirmishing. Supposedly you get over 1000 shots per charge. That seems a little high to me. Anyway, I rarely expend more than 1000 shots in a day, so I should be ok. Has anyone taken one out to a game yet?


OH ###### EARTHQUAKE! :blink:

ok...its over now. Just a little tremor. I ###### you not there was a little earthquake just now as I type this. One of the dangers of living in Japan.


Oh yeah one more thing...

I was a little worried about how the MP7 would sound. The Marui AEP pistols sound a little silly to me, and underwhelming comnpared to GBBs. The was pleasently surprised by the MP7's sound. Sounds like an AEG. A mean, tiny, little buzzsaw of an AEG. Louder than I expected.

(I'm the kind of guy who likes loud guns. And I found the MP7 very satisfying.


Power wise, it will not penatrate a coke can, but will chew cardboard to ribbons.

This is my new favorite gun!

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OH ###### EARTHQUAKE! :blink:

ok...its over now. Just a little tremor. I ###### you not there was a little earthquake just now as I type this. One of the dangers of living in Japan.



Really? where abouts are you cos i felt nothing! And checking the USGS the last quake to hit Japan was on the 13th in Nigata.


On another note I'm skirmishing with mine tomorrow for the 1st time so i will give you all a skirmish report tomorrow afternoon.

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I have a working holster solution, the Guarder Tornado holster. I figured it can fit an M11 so it can probably fit an MP7. Well, it can. You just have to remove the side rails and front sight first. It works well with my AimPoint but it isn't an ideal sight for this application in my opinion. I think a sight like this one might be a better choice for this carrying solution. Pics:








To make it work I had to remove the side rails and front sight as I mentioned (I took off the rear sight too and popped them both on my P90 TR, they work great with it BTW). I needed an aiming device of some type so I put my AimPoint with ARMS #22 mount on there. It just barely clears the holster allowing the MP7 to sit in nice and deep. It's a workable interim solution. The normal retention strap has been folded and taped out of the way (though it can be removed rather easily if you like, it's just a pain to put back). I would like to add a velcro or elastic strap to secure the gun when necessary, however the gun fits very snugly in the holster so it's not that urgent in my mind. The QD belt attachment has been left off to make the holster ride up higher, this increases stability in general but helps prevent side to side flop specifically. The adjustable height strap inside the holster is not used so I've folded it over out of the way. A spare mag or my G&G SS-100 suppressor with thread adapter can fit in the mag pouch.


It works well. The gun is easy to draw and holster, nothing snags or gets in the way really. It still works fine with the flash hider or suppressor attached, you just have to be a bit more careful (I prefer the more streamlined look sans flash hider when the rails and sights are off). There is minimal flop thanks to the stiffness of the holster and the fact that the mags are light. All that's missing really is a retention mechanism for security. I do have some ideas in mind for that problem already, I just need to get the materials together.

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Yeah, but:

1. No need for side rails when you can't possibly have accessories on them (aside from having them for looks).

2. The holster I have is better than the holster I don't have.

3. The Tornado works well with every side arm I own (yay for multitaskers, especially when it comes to gear).

4. My experience with Mk23 holsters is not so good (waaaay too much flop compared to this solution).


Glad it works for you though (see #2). :)

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