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Web-Tex Vs BHI Tactical Vest


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I wondered if anyone could shed some light on this for me.


I currently own a Blackhawk Medic Vest like this one:




I also have an old style Omega Tactical Vest too:




I have been looking around the tinterweb and have been looking at Web-Tex vests as well.


As you can see, the below Web-Tex vest is very similar to the above BHI one:




It seems to be an identical copy, but how do they compare?


I cannot get in touch with the linked store as it returns an error, but I guess someone on here will be able to shed some light.


How does the quality compare?


Apart from the price, are there any other benifits?


Thanks in advance,



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Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. Having owned both a webtex and blackhawk vest i would easily take blackhawks stuff over webtex's any day.


I would say that webtex's stuff is ideal for begginers or those on a budget but what with newer offerings from the likes of bulle i would'nt bother with webtex.

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There's no comparison.


During the few months I used my Webtex vest, I ripped the stitching apart on one shoulder, and the zip kept undoing (a common problem).


The 'non-slip' shouldering area on the Webtex vest is made of shiny leathery stuff, which somehow managed to be less anti-slip than the material it's bonded to. The BHI one, on the other hand, is rubber and actually works (mostly).


Webtex = shittttttttttttttt

BHI = not shittttttttttt

Eagle Omega style vest = AWESOMMMMEEEEEEEE

I'd be willing to bet that Eagle came up with the design first, actually ;)


I would say that webtex's stuff is ideal for begginers or those on a budget

To be honest, I wouldn't even say that.


If you've played the sport a few times and know you're going to be playing for a while, it's not a big step to spend £80 on a BHI Omega which will last you years, instead of £50 on a Webtex vest which will last you weeks.

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AGREED!!! i've certainly purchased AND used webtex kit... they're poop in my experience... zip undoes itself.

i've had a cross draw vest and the pistol seems to like to dance every time you move your body let alone run (i dont know how it passed the military tests) i've had to strap the pistol tighter around my vest with a bit of string LOL seriously... so it wont wobble...

and if you crouch... you'll be in a world of ###### to try to access the pouches when under fire... trust me... you're better off shouting oh hey! i'm about to get my face nailed in! and surrender...


about crouching... when you do... your vest decides to weave in and out so it looks like a life jacket without much air inside it...

it has straps and all but if you're not 4foot wide... then it's not for you.. but then again... the vest would rip in 5 different bits if you got someone as manly as rhino to wear one of them vests...

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