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chinese made AK47s clone


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gear box taken out, looks nice!!



Inside, all reinforced gears (same quality as CA and GnP)



look closer



the piston, seems not as good as TM



Cylinder head and nozzel, made of clear acrylic, no o-ring inside nozzel.



direct copy of marui tappet plate.......even the words under it.



the 3 gears



the connectors



The other side of the gear box



Hop up chamber

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I just have this one yet.....but 20 coming.

price would be $120 usd.


they just shoot like normal AEG, I have no chrono in hand, but I would guess 270-280fps.


video: http://www.gunnerairsoft.com/ak/aktest.avi


the mag come with the gun sucks, and I use the TM 250rd hi-cap instead.





Looking good, any indication on price or FPS?

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Hey, is it just me, or is this gun very "out of the blue"?


Did anyone else know about this, and has it been released yet? I'm in the USA but even if it hasn't been released here, does anyone know if its been released overseas?


Also, I am not a professional with gearboxes and gear and all of the jazz, so does anyone know if those look like quality parts? Being a Marui-copy you should be able to upgrade pretty much every part (if nessesary, while not going over limits :waggle: ) that the Marui can (Except for hop-up because of different design) Right?


Also, looking at the video, did that seem like it had decently fast ROF? It seemed alittle slow to me, but then again, I'm not a professional.....





*That doesnt look like "real" wood. Its pretty realistic looking though, compared to pistures I'v seen of the UTG and Matix guns...*

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yes the ROF are little bit slower than TM, but, the video u see is the ###### batt come with the set, and I am in hurry so it is not fully charged. for a 8.4V not fully charged mini batt, its not too bad!! but I tried a 9.6V large batt for it, it still slower than TM.....I guess the Motor is the main factor. seems they are not comparable to TM motors. but again, for this price, they rocks!!! and the internal parts seems to be usable, they are not better than TM and other upgrade parts (the gears are better than TM!!) , but again, they are all acceptable!!



They are plastic, but as PlasticMag says, it looks good.



As I know the manufacturer sells parts, but they seems sell the whole gear box.

I will go back to China in March, and I will ask them for you.


to everyone,

the manual says they have the fixed stock AK47 also, but I cant get it in my hand yet.

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ok, a little review over it....in text,


appearance: I will give it 8 out of 10, all metal parts as TM have, but the finishing on the metal parts are too glossy, and look close the wood will be too fake. but it looks good at a distance. and the top cover looks better than TM I think!!



9 out of 10, same solid as TM, nothing wobbling at all!!



I charged the batt come with the box and shoot it over 500 rds today, no problem occured.

the gun itself is great, the only thing I blame about is the magazine,

It wont feed at all, 8 empty shot every 10 shot.....

and I put 1 TM 250rd mag and it shoots like a beam!!

I still dont have time to take it outside for the HOP UP test.....

but look at the design....I think it will be ok

(this design seems will not jam easily.....comapre to TM...

for me this is better that the problematic marui hop up buckings).

I have no chrono in my hand, but it shoots nearly the same power as TM

(they can make a crack on a cola can, same as TM)

so I would guess it will be 260-280fps,

I will tell you the actual power if I get my new chrono several days later.

for ROF, see the video you will get the idea....

it will be 10-12 rounds per sec for a 8.4 mini batt.

overall performance, I will give it 8.5 out of 10


Inside the gearbox: 9 out of 10

the gears are same quality as CA and GnP, and EXACTLY SAME THING in STAR AEGS (I seen the same thing in star G36), they are all better than TM , but not the bevel gear.)


The cylinder is made of brass, and the cylinder head and nozzel and the spring guide are acrylic, ooh...no o-ring inside nozzel, same as TM. but I do the cylinder compression test for it, and they all seems to be air tight. so it will be ok. the piston head have holes on it already, dont need to be drilled by us.


the material of the piston (also the tappet plate) seems to be ABS, and I guess it would wear out fairly fast.....I would change it to a TM piston if it died.


the motor seems a bit slower than TM, and I think I will put a M150 inside the gear box, to see it can drive it up or not.


the bushings are all plastic, and UNDERSIZED, it may cause some problem, so I would suggest everyone change it to steel bushings, if you want the gear last longer.




leave some space here for me to add something.....

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Uhm.. since no one has mentioned it.. it's CYMA's

:o a cyma with a metal gearbox?? first the MP5 now this? what are they doing over there??


What else beside the ###### mag and mini battery does it come with in the box?


Does anyone know where we can get this in the US?

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