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Seems daft this but....


Cant seem to find the edit button anymore??


Does it disappear after a post is a bit old as ive not posted for a few hours, or has it just dissapeared from my view.


Daft thing is that I can remember where the button was last time I used it so cant be certain its gone, just cant see it.






EDIT: Bizzarly I just posted this and the edit button is right there. Dont know why I cant see it on my older posts though.

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The edit button does indeed disappear after a set period of time. This period of time can vary depending on the forum where the post exists.


For example, we can all agree that an edit button should disappear fairly quickly in a "For Sale" forum as it could allow the seller to change details of the trade after an agreement is made, leading to dishonest trading. The edit button may last noticably longer in a forum like "Off Topic" however as there are less serious ramifications involved with altering the contents of one's posts.


Basically, the edit button is designed to dissapear after a certain period of time, and this time-out has been set to help minimise problems that could be caused by some problematic users.


I hope this helps ;)

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R22, is there any chance you could tell us the times? It would be helpful to know how long I have to edit a topic, just in case! :)


Sorry but I don't know the exact times off the top of my head, but ...


I think its 5 or 10 miniutes in sales, "a long time" in off topic and about an hour everywere else.


...sounds about right to me :)

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