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i'm thinking of buying one of those...looks very very very very nice... :P


but could u tell what was finally the problem wich made u bring it back to your shop?


(regarding i'm going to buy it from HK, i will not have the opportunity to send it back if any problem occures...so i want to be prepared :huh: )

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Thought I'd add my 2 roubles worth...


I got to play with a mate's ICS AK74 today and I found it to be... strange.


It's not as heavy as the ICS M4 which I thought was a bit strange, and the plastic furniture is really, really... cheap? It feels like a toy gun. Is it just me? There's no substance to it, I don't feel like I'm holding a £250 rifle. It's like a very, very sexy looking water pistol. The stock is like a huge, hollow tupperware box, black and *beep* for storing tuna I admit, but still, it feels so fake.


Maybe I'd hyped it up in my head but if you ever get to hold a Guarder AK then you'll see my point. The ICS one feels like it's going to float away!


And the metal... What type is it? I had to touch it to my teeth to even tell it was metal! Even the G&P bodies feel more substantial.


Am I wrong? Does anyone else feel like this?


I should add that it's much better-looking than the Marui AK47 and a welcome addition to the AK foray, but I'm just not sure it's "all that and a bag of vodka-flavoured potato chips."

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Uh, mine feels the opposite...



I think that just goes to say that it's all what you're used to =) I did find it noticably lighter than I thought it would be - akin to the CA AK47 with the front metal grip with the rail added on... it doesn't feel like the wood+steel version, but it ain't that in material or price =) It did feel quite solid, however, and I'm not about to complain that something is "too light" - if I wanted heavy I'd buy a CA m249 ;) heh

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I just picked up my ICS AK today and it's pretty bad *albatross*!


What I wanted to know is how the heck to fit my battery in the stock!?! I have an 8.4 4200mAh, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to squeeze it in - it literally gets stuck before the last cell is in.


Any suggestions? What am I doing wrong - as this gun can take "large type" batteries?


Thanks in advance,



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I'm very close to pressing the preorder button on airsoftgi's website so I have some quick questions- Has it been confirmed that it has metal bushings?

Does the flashider unscrew to reveal 14mm ccw threads? And lastly is the hop the same as marui, compatable buckings, chamber, ect..? Sorry if these questions have already been asked or if they cannot be answered. Thanks.

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Does everybody think that all the wierd querks the ICS Ak comes with is worth the good looks?


Because in my opinion theres nothing worse then an un-reliable AEG.


I'd rather have a duct-taped up TM AK then a unreliable sexy PSG-1 :P

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