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V-Force Armour Mask for someone with a small head

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I've been looking for a good quality mask for my girlfriend recently, but since I have started airsoft I have always had glasses except when borrowing from a site.


I'm not letting her wear just glasses, so I had a look on ZeroOne for a mask.


I have an order ready for them anyway, so I'd like to order from there.


I'm just a little concerned about whether this mask will fit her ok though.


She isn't a pigmi or anything, but she does have a quite small head (at least compared to mine, which is just above average).


Any advice from those who own/have used one? Are they excessively big around the jaw or something like that?


I can't get a direct link to Z1 for some reason, but it is easy enough to find.


Any help is very much apreciated,



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I have a fairly small head I guess as im only 5'3" tall.


After doing research I was advised that the V-Force Profiler is best because it has the lowest profile for getting down to your sights. The Armour apparently gives good protection but is more bulky. The Vantage is in the middle, often termed the son of profiler as its similar to profiler but not as expensive.

The advice I got was go with profiler if you have the cash but if not, go with Vantage.

I bought the Vantage. It fits a treat and I dont have it anywhere near its tightest setting. Cant quite get down onto iron sights so am getting a Red-Dot but to be honest, if i turn the gun a little I can actually use the iron sights, just not used to aiming that way.


One last piece of advice, there are two versions of the Vantage and it took me a while to figure the difference. The Field variant has rubber around the eye pieces and apparently this is great for rental masks as it doesnt soak sweat but its not as comfy as the Pro which has foam around the eyes. Theres litterally a couple of pounds between the Field and Pro so I went for the Pro.


For the record, I spent £28 including postage for mine brand new from Ebay.

Not used it yet as havent been to my first skirmish yet but have worn it around the house to get used to it (Sad I know) and it feels great and has great visibility. Not easy to look downwards at your kit belt as the chin piece gets in the way. Also, if shes taking a water bottle, make sure she has a straw inside it as it will need to get up inside the mouth guard :)


Hope this helps


Best of luck



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