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Changing personal photo, always returns to..

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Correct. BUT the dimensions of the new uploaded picture stays the same, so the Glock image goes all out of place.


Right now my photo is 160x120, but when I go to the signature page and hotlink it, the dimensions is 640x480! BLHE?!?!


Edit: Sorry its 320x240. Look at my signature now, it's SUPPOSE to be the same size as my personal photo when you click on "card" yes? Now compare my signature photo size to my "card" picture size.....

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Figured out this problem - it's because your browser caches the images. If you run a CTRL-F5 or refresh in your browser it will update your screen.


The thing is the image for your avatar/photo always has the same name on the server, it's just replaced with new content when you update. Your browser caches these files and thinks there's been now update, so shows you the old local file on your harddrive.


Run a refresh and that sorts it. It's a local problem - not the server's fault.

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