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Lets see your gun rooms.

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Concept 2? Nice :)


Yes indeed.

Fantastic piece of kit, I've got the upgraded computer for it so I can race online, I don't though, I have wifi issues.



Shame its to dark to make out what guns are on the rack :(



Ah, Yes that is a problem.

I have attached a photo.

Looks like, from left to right.


Sig SG556 custom thing.


G+G L85A2 (3/4 of)


FTC MP5 SD3 aggregate

Custom XM607 thing

Tanaka M870 green scattergun with RS top folder stock

Broken AGM M14 EBR, Client's gun

Back end of an Asahi FNC

M1100 defender, being raped for parts

KSC/JLS hybrid HK33 with wood foregrip, stock broken so replaced in this pic with a TM G3SG1 one.

M1100, currently raping the other for parts.

M870 shell ejector with CO2 bits and Benelli stock, currently blown up (230 psi too much)

Bit of a G3/PSG1 abortion

4 AUGs, one gas STANAG thing, 1 H-Bar, 1 rof, 1 pretty standard, mix of colours and receivers.

The pistols are in a box under the shelf and my G3A3 and SG550 are on the bench atm.


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Unfortunately there was no room on the wall for M79. Also couple of pistols didn't fit there, time to buy new rack.


Just for comparison, this was the situation back in 2005:




And those were G&P Armalites. Now with Systema M16's, one gun costs the same as all those three G&P's I used to have.

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Space set off in the garage for my repair shop and gun room.


Excuse the pictures, hard to take pictures with an SLR in such a cramped space.


Bonus points to anyone who can name all the gas guns in the pictures.















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Asahi m60e1 SDX

Kokusai m4

JAC m16 limited

Asahi m4


Escort mp5

JAC m1a1 Thompson

JAC m1a1s

Asahi m60e3 SDX

Tanio Koba USP v1 w/ metal slide

Maruzen p99's

Maruzen p99 w/ Prime metal slide

WA 1911 scw1

WA 1911 Novak

WA V10-Prime FMK

WA 1911

Tanaka K98

SP m40a1 TGC

MGC g18


Sheriff m16

Asahi Sterling

HFC m190

CA m4 + CA SLR105

Tanaka m500

Tanaka m65

Tanaka Python

ToyTec p90

KWA m11 + G&P FMK



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I will try to snap a few pics of the locker within the next few days (it is a little unorganized because we just had a training event with the new Plebes, and we just got some rifle racks from the firing range). current logbook has 118 rifles and pistols and we will probably be getting roughly 30 more (at least)



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Asahi m60

2x JAC m16(one with a HEAD SCS)

JAC m4?

Asahi bushmaster dissembled.


Try mine ;)



Actually, one of those M16's is a KWC. :P


The other is an LRB-equipped VN.


You forgot the KWA Mac-11, Marui 1911, KJW M700, and Maruzen P38 :rolleyes:


(I'm X Lupin on CA.org, btw)

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Well, I share a flat with another gun nut, so instead of a spare bedroom we have a dedicated gun room/workshop. Unfortunately its a bit of a mess at the mo, but never mind :D








Pistol Shelf



Magazine Tub



Workbench Again




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