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Lets see your gun rooms.

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What are those shiny wall things people use like on on Watz and Billy bobs pictures and where can i buy them?

Or if you happen to live in a part of the world that doesn't have walmarts i.e. the UK (which you obviously do) then I have found the cheapest option to be the company below. I'm in the process of re-doing my room now and they are the cheapest by around 20% compared to most places.



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Two Christmas presents shown here. KWA G36 and a gun rack hand-built by my dad. It looks great, but was a pain to move into my place.




L > R

Marushin M1 Garand, TM M14 SOCOM, TM SPAS12 (w/metal stock), Army L85, KWA M4, Unicorn AKS74U, KWA MG36


Only half are actually mine.

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Heres my room before I sold a bunch of stuff. My MP5K and M14 aren't in the pictures becuase they were at the shop at the time.


You know what this reminds me of? Of that one scene in "Home Alone" with Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister climbing the shelves to can to a can on the top shelf. I hope if didn't all come crashing down on you.


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I prefer to call this my War Room for obvious reasons.

as you can see its where all my kit lives.

Esentually it lots of gear storage, a small workshop and weapons racks.















Ok weapons on the rack from left to right, CA M249 Para, Custom M16A3, Custom SR16, Hurricane/Systema HK416, Hurricane SR47, Custom Alexander Arms Beowulf .50Cal, CA SCAR-L, EBR (Short), TM M14 Socom, TM Binelli M3 Super 90, TM Thompson M1A1, ACM Mossbourg M500, CAW M79 (Wood), TM MP5K PDW, D-Boys SK74SU, KWA G36c/Madbull AGX Launcher.


Misc weapons on top of rifle rack.

2 x MAG 100round SAW Pouches, Sun Project M203 short, 2 x Gamma Claymores in Claymore Bag, 8 Mag HK Midcaps.


Pistols in top right hand side rack.

WA Beretta M92f Centurion, TM Detonics .45, WA 1st Edition M1911A1, WA M1911A1 SCW (1st edition), Original M1911A1 (springer that one that started it all off for me kept for nostalgic reasons), TM M1911A1, TM Hi Capa 5.1, TM Sig 226R, ASG HK Mk23 Socom


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What you cannot see from the pictures is that above the rifle rack going right along the top is a narrow shelf that has small open front compartments about 4-6 inches each that is used to store everythiong from optics to grips, bi pods and magazines. you can see the end of it in picture 5

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