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Lets see your gun rooms.

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Personally, I love the M4 and M16, so long as it isn't laden with too many tacticool accessories. Does anyone really need anything more than an optic and vertical grip for airsoft?



Place to put the battery, ex. PEQ's, Stock Pouch, etc. But I get what you mean and I agree with you, but maybe a flashlight too, if you're playing at night or something.


But there are several things you can use for a good purpose that are tacticool such as suppressors, some just use them for looks but others run an inner barrel through it to have greater range/accuracy. That's the only way I'd put a suppressor on my M4 and I'm actually thinking about it as I don't want to buy a new barrel and fore-grips and I want the look too, without the pointless increased length of the overall gun.

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