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Indeedy. And therein lies the problem.


At the moment the "Most users ever on-line" meter gets updated every few days with a new record high as more and more users hammer the server. This site is probably the world's most popular Airsoft site and it is being paid for by an Airsofter.


Now we can take a look at a site like the BBC which handles far more users and hosts a lot more content. But that is being paid for by one of Britain's biggest corporations.


Arnie's Airsoft is almost a victim of its own success at the moment and demand is starting to outstrip supply. We are looking at possible upgrades in the future but nothing is set in stone yet.


I for one want to see this site grow and improve but money is always an issue. We are currently using an extremely powerful server and it would be hard to upgrade it given current technology, so the only option at the moment seems to be to spread the load across multiple servers. This takes money and as this site is being paid for by an individual, money is an issue.


As such, you should rest assured that we are doing everything we can to keep the service up and running and hope to be able to resolve some of the issues we are currently experiencing in the near future. Of course we apologize for any down-time users are experiencing and will do everything in our power to keep things up and running, but we are only human after all :)


Peak times for usage (and server hiccups) seems to be between 8pm and midnight GMT (UK time) and usage can go even higher on weekends, so if you do experience outages or server-stalls during these times, we would appreciate your patience while the server is sweating buckets trying to keep up with the demand. :)


Many thanks. ;)

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