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I love my AK-47 and my AK-74 but I need a silencer!


I've read the review of the PBS-1, I've liked what I've seen, I've been to RCG.com as the review suggests but they're not listed for sale anymore! Anyone know where I can pick one up? Can't find any on red-alliance.net either.


I'll be damned if I'm going to put a SOCOM on the bloody thing!



EDIT: Sorry, this may belong in the Noob bit. (Even though that hurts a little ..)

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Have you tried Trapper Industries?I've heard abit about them but never used them so I can't vouch for them.There are probably people on the site that can anyway here you go.




Link to PBS 1 PBS 4 and PBS 5 silencers.



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with respect to all participants, the PBS-1s and 5's for sale at trapper industries, AND rus military, are the SAME SILENCERS as i get.


i sell them at the equivilant of £20 less than rus mil, and £10 less than Trapper (my £50 includes postage and packing (Special Delivery/ international signed for))


with regards, the PBS-4, that isnt being made anymore, due to low demand.


i apolagise, Jett, i've recently had to empty some of my PM inbow, and therefore forgot about your order. safe to say its all sorted out now though :)

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