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KJW Full Metal P226 w trademarks Review

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Ok bit confused and hope you can clear something up. Redwolf claim that there is no hop up on either this or the non trade version but it appears the one you have does. I even tried e-mailing Redwolf and they insist there is no hop up. :huh:

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Wolfy, you should ask Redwolf why KJ has a diagram about the effects of hopup (see picture in beginning of thread) if it doesn't have one :D


1647, if you go to G&P's main page and click on Distributive Products, you get this page that lists several of the main GBB manufacturers. I think that they are a distributor for these manufacturers. Doesn't mean that they did not make the body, but ... Also, the G&P kit does not have the anchor. Again, not conclusive, but ...


VTMofo, great review!

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Appreciate the video very much!!


However, as you have already mentioned, the sound is muffled and I don't think it is an accurate account of the P226.


I have found 2 other P226 vids (by Shao14 i think). Can you take a look and compare with the KJ and tell whether it is anywhere near it:


TM P226 on 134a

TM P226 on green

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Thanks so much for this review. I could only fine this and one other, probably due to people's fears of KJW and because its so new. I've been wanting a p226 sig sidearm replica, but haven't been able to decide between Marui's or KJW's. After reading this and that other review, I'm leaning towards the KJW.


Anyways, about the gas efficiency... (keep in mind I am an airsoft newbie) as long as it empties the whole mag with one gas fill, thats not a problem right? I mean, thats why you buy extra magazines. Who's got the time to put more bb's in their mags during a battle anyways... and was that the only problem you had with it? (oh and the little broken part) It's been almost a month since you last posted, have you any updates? Thanks a bunch again!



(sorry if this is a Necro, I'm new the this forum so maybe you guys don't care about necro-ing)

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i've been playing w it all day today (at 70 deg F) and I can pull off the entire mag and still have gas left.


One update about the gun is that, it seems the piece that broke in my loading muzzle might occur more frequenly w the KJ guns (so far I've heard 2 cases). It's not a big problem, but I recommend getting the Guarder enhanced loading muzzle as a backup piece when you buy the gun.

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I've had three KJW P14.45s and one M92F in the last three months, the P14s all had the breakage on the nozzle at the same angle on all of them, whilst the M9 consistently had jams and missfeeds.

Maybe I'm just unlucky; but is this common with the P226s as I'm planning on getting one.



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