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'normal' size aeg motor in a famas (ver1) gearbox

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the famas (ver1 gearbox) as we all know uses an eg560 motor. this is shorter than say, a tm eg1000 short shaft motor.


my question is, has anyone tried to modify their academy or famas gearbox so that a short shaft 'normal' aeg motor can fit? (by normal i mean size, not performance)


If anyone has done this, please can they post pics/info on how they did it?


I have an idea on how to do it, it envolves cutting of the motor plate at the back of the gearbox, making screw threads in the gearbox and mounting this behind the new motor, but I am unsure if it will be any good


any info mucho appriciated

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Yea, I've seen a picture of someones gearbox who did this. I beleive they removed a little of the gearbox's body and added a custom bracket which was fixed to the gearbox to hold the motor in place.


So it is possible, i'll try and find the pic.

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