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Maruzen Walther P99 TacIII

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Great review - always wanted quantitative proof on whether these foam insert silencers worked or not.


The wee bit about the various gasses' performance was also welcomed though it would be nice to see how the propane / silicone oil mix which results from the use of the Airsoft Innovations' adapter stacked up against the other gasses.


I've also noted that it can be hard to source some of the "limited" product lines in UK - any chance of an article on the ins and outs of ordering from overseas ?


Some info on duties payable, waiting times, chances of Customs impounding your delivery and what you can do about it would all be welcomed by relative noobs like myself.


Much as I believe in supporting british businesses, some of the HongKong prices are bizzarely low by comparison.




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I'll add some AI Propane Adapter data the second I can source some gas tanks that I can use with it :) Been looking for some for ages around here, everywhere is out of stock of the right type, may well have to order some in.


Import wise, you're looking at a charge of 20-25% of the quoted invoice value if it is stopped by customs, plus a delay of 2-3days.


...agreed though, an article that covers the ins and outs of the various delivery methods would be a good idea.

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Another detailed awesome review from Arnie! Thanks! And get some sleep now. ;)


Makes me so want a P99 right now. *Nooo, _must_resist until next year!* :P I like the analysis of the effect of the silencer. I'd like some more comments on performance regarding accuracy, but the review IS already excellent, and any additional comment will be bonus.

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Do you mean the box sets? There's an OD P99 from Maruzen, but that is sold out everywhere.


All the Maruzen P99s are the same, if it comes with a silencer it'll have a metal barrel and threaded muzzle though.


I'm not familiar with the KJW P99 replica, but I'd guess that it's a rough copy of the Maruzen replica. It has no markings on it, plus the capacity is 20+1 which is much lower than the Maruzen copy, which may mean that it's not based on the same design.

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There's only two Maruzen P99s that I know of, one is the GBB and the other is the NBB.


There are various box sets that include various accessories, but the pistols themselves are the same.


OD is Olive Drab. If you want to see what was/is available go to a shop website (wgcshop.com for example) then stick 'p99' in the search box.. now click 'search'. Tra la.. you now have a complete list of all P99 related items that they stock.

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Maruzen upgraded their pistol design to v2, I doubt the v1 design is available anymore.


The OD version is simply a P99 with a green lower frame, there's no mechanical or functional difference. It's all just cosmetic. I've not seen anything other than the current GBB and NBB design in p99 from from Maruzen recently.

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Once again, really nice review Arnie :)


Only two little corrections of the realsteel info:



The Police and Defense Model P99 is a 15 (9mm) / 11 (.40) shot pistol


15 round in 9mm and 11 in .40 S&W is for the redesigned 2004 Model of the P99. Magazine size is reduced by one round. The original P99 (as replicated by Maruzen) had a magazine size of 16 in 9mm and 12 in .40 S&W.



On the LHS are the following markings: LHS slide front, roll marked wave "WALTHER" logo and "P99", frame side front "CARL WALTHER ULM/D0." The ULM/DO markings would mean that the pistol was proofed at the ULM/DO proof house, HK pistols are also proofed here hence sometimes bear the same mark


ULM/DO means not the proof house of Ulm (Beschussamt Ulm in German). It means that it is manufactured in the Walther head facility Ulm. DO is a shortcut for the river Donau, you English folks call it Danube ;).


The signs of the proof house are on the barrel and the lower right frame, under the mount rail. German eagle with the N and antler. The antler is the individual identification marking of the proof house Ulm, other German weapon proof houses had different signs.

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  • 3 weeks later...



what about the various accessories for the P99 ?


metal slide, kick booster, light piston, etc ? did someone tried them ?


i'll order mine in a few days, can't wait ...


justinkim : where did you find the real steel mag catch ? cause if i know it WILL wear out, i should order this part now.


excellent review Arnie, many French airsofters read and appreciate your reviews ;)


best rgards, Otatiaro.

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