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Well i am not sure how this is going to work, I would rather it didnt get filled with spam :(

So lets try and leave this purely to the layout if thats ok :)

You can leave a "-" or something if you prefer not to answer :)


Name: Rob Kliskey

Callsign: Kliskey

Reason for Callsign: Its my name :unsure:

Age: 17

County/ Country: West Sussex, UK. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil or Sopot, Poland ^_^

Occupation: Student (Bum)

Current impression (if any): British SF

Whats in your amoury?: HFC M190

Favorite war movie <_< : Band of Brothers.

Interests: PC gaming, airsoft, Mountain biking and going out with mates :)

Dislikes: Chavs, pooh music, squashed sandwiches ^_^

Most Likely to say: t00t!


Hmmm well I think that is long enough :P

Please keep to the layout and no spamming <_<

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Name: the one and only blade3 ;)

Callsign: blade

Reason for Callsign: because i like swords

Age: 14

County/ Country: surrey near london

Occupation: Student

Current impression (if any): bounty hunter

Whats in your amoury?: only the famas with m203 atm :(

Favorite war movie : Black hawk down/saving private ryan

Interests: PC gaming, airsoft, Mountain biking and going out with mates

Dislikes: Chavs,wannabes,fridged girls ;)

Most Likely to say: if you don't p**s off ile chop off your ba**s :D

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Name: Alex Griffiths, but i have 4 names, which i wont post

Callsign: Kyrian

Reason for Callsign: I made it up :D

Age: 19

County/ Country: Chester, Cheshire, UK (uni), Croydon, Surrey, UK (home)

Occupation: Student (when i turn up)

Current impression (if any): Freedom Fighter (im writing a book)

Whats in your amoury?: TM G36C, TM Sig Sauer P226, HFC M190, UTG shottie, L85A1 springer

Favorite war movie: Serenity (What?!?! There's a war between the Reavers and the Alliance!!)

Interests: Airsoft, watching DVDs, window shopping, skating, having a laugh with my mates and housemates

Dislikes: Chavs, RnB music, when Hollywood bugger things up and arrogant immigrants

Most Likely to say: I'm hungry

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Name: James

Callsign: HaVoC

Reason for Callsign: No clue, at all. I think I was assigned HaVoC_MaN by Gamespot or something. Meh.

Age: 16

County/ Country: North Wales, woe is me.

Occupation: Student

Current impression (if any): USAF Pararescue, some sort of US Army DA impression coming soon

Whats in your amoury?: M15A4 with all sorts of gubbins, USP Compact (SD metal set), Mk23 (SD metal set - UNCo custom)

Favorite war movie <_< : Band of Brothers, We Were Soldiers

Interests: Gaming, airsoft, stuff :P

Dislikes: Chavs, most British traditions, New Labour, Ameri-bashers

Most Likely to say: F**k.

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Name: Dan

Nickname: Orev

Callsign: Ghost_Rider

Reason for Callsign: Watching Top Gun before signing on to UKAN


County/ Country: Glasgow, Scotland

Occupation: Sound Engineer

Current impression (if any): Tears of the Sun

Whats in your amoury?:

TM ICS M4 with Samurai c33 handguard, G&P vert grip and Tac-Light/M203. (Roseanne)

Pair of TM Mp5k's (Brian and Dave)

TM Mk23 Socom (SPOD)

Pair of KSC Glock 19's (Metal slide) (Dexter & Sinister)

Koshai CO2 revolver (Sheila)

TM Spas 12 (Matilda)

TM Steyr Aug Military (Name as yet undecided)

TM/STAR G36 SL9 (Angelina)

Mac-11 (Ruby)

Pair of TM Hi-capas (Anubis and Horus)

S&W M500 Revolver (The Samaritan)

Maruzen M870 Gas Shotgun (Natalie)

HFC Hard Rubber Bayonet (Mr Stabby)


Favorite war movie: Tears of the Sun

Interests: Chess, literature, online puzzle games, LARP.

Dislikes: People who don't read the forum rules.

Most Likely to say: Fire in the hole!

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Name: Ian

Callsign: Rhino

Reason for Callsign: Large, heavy set, have a tendency to charge headlong at people (ArnieGeddon 04 veterans will remember)

Age: 28

County/ Country: Wigan, Lancs

Occupation: N/A

Current impression (if any): Resident Evil S.T.A.R.S. loadout

Whats in your amoury?: All sorts

Favorite war movie: Predator (Meh!)

Interests: all sorts

Dislikes: toy monkeys (again, see ArnieGeddon veterans...)

Most Likely to say: Knackers, Flange, Wibble (the lists endless!)




Where's my cookie?

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Name: Dan

Callsign: ParanoidAndroid

Reason for Callsign: Unnatural love for all things radiohead

Age: 20

County/ Country: University: London (LSE) Home: Bournemouth

Occupation: Student

Current impression (if any): mongrel

Whats in your amoury?: CAG36, KWA USP

Favorite war movie : Full metal Jacket

Interests: Radiohead, Live music, getting wasted at the union, airsoft

Dislikes: That person who stole my guiness hat on friday

Most Likely to say: "so a family walk into a talent agency"

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Name:James Beattie

Callsign: Nickel0001

Reason for Callsign: Nickel 1 was my old old flight simulator callsign.

Age: 20

County/ Country: Uni-Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool. Home-Cheshire,England

Occupation: Student

Current impression (if any): An assortment of cheap gear. Looking to get into the gear side of the sport though.

Whats in your amoury?:ICS M4RIS, ICS MP5A5, TM MP5K, TM M4+M203, KWA Glock 19,

TM Glock 26, KSC USPc x2.

Favorite war movie: Platoon, Band Of Brothers.

Likes:Airsoft, reading, walking and climbing, at least until the climbing club was suspended.

Dislikes: Mushrooms, chavs.

Most Likely to say: Nothing, I'm very quiet.

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Name: Adam

Nickname: A-Mart

Callsign: A-Mart

Reason for Callsign: one day we were playing basketball nd i blocked this kids shot like 10 times so i got named after an nba players who's name is k-mart because his name is kenyon martin


County/ Country:Ohio, USA

Occupation: I'm a bum

Current impression (if any):wtf is this?

Whats in your amoury?:

WA Infinity 5" Red

UNcustom Sig P226 OD and black with G&G SS100

WA Wilson Combat Professional

Glock 18c

Glock 26c

soon to be uncustom 2 tone Glock 19c

Favorite war movie:Saving Private Ryan

Interests:Airsoft, computers, music, I take Tae Kwon Do

Dislikes:fakes, whores who do drugs(regular whores are ok) People who smoke, Fakes, and Wiggers

Most Likely to say:Get the hell away from me now.

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Name: Graham

Callsign: Toyboy

Reason for Callsign: One of my old bikes was a Le Toy, so I became toyboy. Oh and I like older women;)

Age: 17

County/ Country: Gloucestershire, UK

Occupation: Student

Current impression (if any): God

Whats in your amoury?: Tm Famas, KSC M-11, (sort of) SPAS 12

Favorite war movie: Apocolypse Now.

Interests: Downhill mountainbiking, motorcycling, guitar.

Dislikes: Chavs (seems to be obligatory), people being slow, people who don't indicate.

Most Likely to say: So I was fisting this nun right....

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Name: Dave

Call-sign: Gene

Reason for Call-sign: When I started to play video-games hardcore, I couldn't think of a name. Having loved Goldeneye and there being a Russian General in the film, someone suggested "General Davidoff". Well, "General Davidoff" didn't fit in the name box so "Gene" had to suffice.

Age: 18

County/Country: I'm from East Sussex, I live in Florida.

Occupation: I can't work because of my visa status, but during the summer I'll be going offshore doing work on oil-rigs.

Current Impression: UKSF, PMC

Armoury: Just my PGC P226, won't be needing a gun til after summer... You can see why :)

Favorite War Movie: That's a tough one. Kelley's Heroes, Dirt Dozen, A Bridge Too Far. Old one's generally.

Interests: Outdoor-ey stuff, climbing, mountain biking (there aren't mountains in Florida)

Dislikes: Florida drivers

Most Likely to say: I'm not American :P


If anyone wants to use this as a template, do so. Saves everyone having to type it individually:


[B]Reason for Call-Sign:[/B]
[B]Current Impression:[/B]
[B]Favorite War Movie:[/B]
[B]Most likely to say:[/B]

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Name: Jamie

Callsign: Coxy

Reason for callsign: My las name but with a Y on the end.

Age: 18

County/Country: Essex, UK

Occupation: Currently unemployed, waiting for another selection from the army

Current impression: UKSF / UK squadie

Armoury: Just check my profile.

Favourite war movie: Very tough question, B20. Dog Soldiers(well its got soldiers in it)

Interests: Apart from Airsoft ..... erm .... FOOTBALL.....FOOTBALL.....FOOTBALL

Dislikes: Dont really have any

Most Likely to say: HIT!

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Reason for callsign:I used to get in fights at school and people just stopped messing with me, deeming me 'Crazy and unstoppable if enraged.'


City/State/Country:West Milton, PA, USA

Occupation:Student, then Navy

Current Impression:Private contractor/mercenary

Armory:Custom Marui AK-47

Favorite war movie:Band of Brothers

Interests:Lacrosse, Football(American), Football


Most likely to say:Dude, thats *fruitcaged* up right there!

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Name: You'll know it if we've met. If not, Hardcore will suffice.

Callsign: Hardcore Mitsuko

Reason for Callsign: At the time I started airsofting I was reading the Battle Royale manga series and the name came to mind when I was signing up for UKAN. She's a kinky psycho. It figured :rolleyes:

Age: 19

County/ Country: Glasgow, Scotland.

Occupation: Student scum

Current impression (if any): Nothing really

Whats in your amoury?: Natalia, my TM AK spetz; Roxy, my TM SR16; Liz my TM DE hardkick; Bella and Donna, my HFC m190s.

Favorite war movie: Black Hawk Down, but I don't really watch a lot of war movies.

Interests: Dancing, good food, literature, films and shoes.

Dislikes: Idiots, cheap wine and idiots who drink cheap wine.

Most Likely to say: something perverse.


Kyrian: I hope you're satisfied.

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I feel so let down


Here's me expecting a long essay on life as a female airsofter and what Ghost_Rider is really like


Ha, i resisted the temptation to make an innuendo out of her last statement!! I am now a man. All shall fear me.


Just call me......Kyrian


Or Alex if i like you :D

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Don't know if you read my edited last post, but you did the innuendo for me... And after that comic book innuendos site, bloody hell. Innuendo day for me :D

I did read your edit, but it needed said :P


If you want essays on the life of a female airsofter and what life with Ghost is like, my blog is available for all to see by following the link at the top :D

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Call-Sign: Vince

Reason for Call-Sign:errr...



Occupation:Student/swimming coach

Current Impression:506th Rangers

Armoury:TM M733, KWA USPc

Favorite War Movie:Band of Brothers

Interests:Airsoft, gear, mountian biking, road biking, lacrosse, basketball, other stuff

Dislikes: poopies, burns, grenades, burns from grenades

Most likely to say:f*ckin hell!

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