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Pictures of your latest acquisition V2.0

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This is going to be a big post...


First, a little background. I'm now an E-1 in the PA National Guard, and I'm going to basic training in 12 days. This weekend is the biggest game on the East Coast, conveniently right before my ship date. I decided to splurge with my enlistment bonus a bit, and make this weekend the best airsoft weekend I've ever had. Now for the pictures:



Tac Tailor Gun Rug...Best $15 I've ever spent, these things are cheap and great for holding sidearms.




Here's a bunch of stuff...Here's a list of what's new: GB Tech Supressor, Tri-color patrol cap, Surefire 6P with Beamcover and mount borrowed from a friend, Tapeswitch borrowed from my G&P Laser, 3-pack of tan magpuls, and a Viking Tactical Light mount for my G&P Laser. Also a great investment, only $20 and it offsets the light on the rail to provide for ease of use and less shadow.



And now....





Dun dun dun.....















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Arrived today :D


BB's, scope and VSR mag for my VSR g-spec.


ICS Green Gas for p226


Everything else for the shiny new ICS M4 C15 shown (Came with a chipped flash hider though :()

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Everything else for the shiny new ICS M4 C15 shown (Came with a chipped flash hider though :()



isnt the flash hider supposed to be like that?? my one came like that if i remember, im pretty sure they supposed to have that 'chip' UNLESS you already knew :S





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I ordered a used Korean War Era OD#7 BAR Belt for a friend. When I got it, however, I was in for a surprise: the belt actually has WWII dates. More confusing, is that it appears to be put together from two different companies, and my research shows both companies, Boyt and D.M. Shoe Co., made BAR Belts in 1942. Even the buckle system at the front are different. One seems to be brass while the other is a zinc alloy. I'm still not sure if these are genuine or fake. It's quite possible that this is real and in good condition since most OD#7 BAR Belts were never issued.







Anyone have any info?

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Some more AK stuff





I got the AK version, not the SKS/SVD type.


PK-A I will use with the AIM and the PK-23 I will put it on a tactical AK. By tactical I mean AK-104 with Znich, no RIS or stuff like that.


Soon, I hope to get the VFC Krinkov standard version with plastic grip so I can save some money as I'll be replacing the handguards and stock with real parts.

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Oh, that was nice Tef.  You don't have any patches spare you can give to me? :P  What kind of vest is that?

hehe, they are actually for my teammates, i did a group buy and they got to me this morning. only 3 of them are mine, lol.


you know just by asking ''what kind of vest is that'' you can call yourself half of a geardo :) well spotted, this is a London Bridge Trading Co contracted vest made purely for 160th SOAR pilots. It is so specific it doesnt have a model number, it's just called SOAR vest. As this is made for SOAR only, it's impossible to buy it from shop, and sadly.... it's next to impossible to find pocuhes for it too <_< so in simplier words, this is a collector vest. :D im proud to be it's owner, if theres fire in this house, and i can only take one airsoft related thing with me, this will be it ! :D

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Finally got my M15a4 tac carbine today,transfered all the rails from my CQB added an aimpoint replica and G&P tac light set, this is for the night gaming at TA2 and my CQB for the day.


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