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Pictures of your latest acquisition V2.0

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Some new Real-steel and machined steel parts for my M60. That's a REAL M60 pistol grip, fitted to my TOP M60, just like the original via. a lug and a pin at the front and the original attachment at the back. I had a gunsmith make the lug and weld it to the receiver, but modified the gear try myself. It has a micro switch in place of the crappy TOP contacts. What a pain to fit! I still need a real trigger and a real safety.


Also slightly visible in the pics are my real hangguards.


The other three pics are of the machined steel outer barrel I had made according to drawings I made in AutoCAD. The last pic is of Crenna's steel outer barrel w/ real parts, since my parts haven't arrived yet. The pics of the barrels were taken before they were blued.

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You can buy an OD framed KJW Glock 32C from here Sadigh:




Ive never heard of the 32C, but it looks awfully like a Glock 23 - maybe they were trying to not infringe on copyright or something, but I don't really know.

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I really really want a MK12 MOD0 or 1 :D:(

But they are just so pricey :(

What body is it based on?

Or is it the G&P SPR but you have just plopped a scope on ^_^

Mk 12 MOD 0. kit by gb tech

metal body: in transit, (hurricane bushmaster)

temporary metal body: ca

all systema internals

mojji hornet scope

carrot m4 sniper grip: in transit

pics coming soon :D:D:D:D

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Hows the scope? Anything you dont like about it? And what mount is that?

I like the scope, the only thing is i dont have a scope shield, I always worry about a stray bb hitting it

its the ACCUSHOT 30mm fully integral mount ring, i was going to go with the guarder aimpoint but i like the look and feel better :)

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