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Pictures of your weapon

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wow nice, is that the ICS m4 with colt trades...nice


Like the sir



Yes its an ICS M4 with Colt markings also has Nato markings on the barrel. you also get a unique serial number which is the same on the box as the gun.


so i guess teetee was wrong. :waggle:

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I like it, an interesting paint job for a gun of that vintage/style, is there any loadout that goes around it?


Yes, there was a simple loadout I have put together. After Watching The film Bravo Two zero, A film that I really enjoyed, I decided to try and recreate the Gear they used and try to get a paint job similar to the ones they had on their M16/203.


Thanks everyone else for the comments :)

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:blink: You people are just too rich... I don't think I'll ever see a Systema PTW around these parts... Beautiful mods there, too!


Anyway, maybe I'll show mine, too...





I've built this thing from the ground up, starting with a body and barrel from a broken M15A2 Carbine. The barrel is convertible (rifle/carbine, the rifle extension is made of brass, screws on like a flash hider).


Inside, there's a UTG gearbox shell (soon to be replaced), mixed UTG and CA gears, PDI spring, metal guide, Systema piston and 0-cyllinder with heads, metal CA hop-up block (but with Marui rubbers), Systema full lenght barrel, etc.


External mods include the obvious engraving (temporary, shallow handmade, to be remade this week with proper machinery), and a moving bolt (it's the only CA Armalite with a moving bolt I know of!). The bolt is permanently attached to the charging handle, flips the ejection port open, but needs to be moved back to forward position with the charging handle (I removed the spring to make HU adjustments easier). The fake bolt and the ejection port cover are both blued, not painted.


Oh, and there's that ambidextrous charging handle lock from a Canadian Diemaco C7A2.


That's about it... the upgrades to come aren't many - I intend to drill holes and install the fake pins that all CA metal bodies miss (above the selector and behind the mag catch). As soon as I give my baterries an extra cell each, perhaps I'll drop in a PDI 150 spring (I hope I'm not violating any rules by mentioning it - since even the killer 300 and 400% springs are perfectly legal here - that is if you live through the wrath of the unfortunate victims...)


I made this rifle for my wife, who is Canadian.


There... What do you guys think? :)

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A nice first post jonboy, seems like you've put a lot of thought and interest into that piece.


Thanks, I guess it's because I was doing it for someone I love :D

I've just added the two pins that CA never bothered to replicate. I'm pretty amazed how significantly it changes the feel of the replica. Seems way more detailed and real now. Who would have thought, eh? :)


My next project will be a rifle for myself, to match my Polish wz.93 "Panther" outfit. I'll start off with CA's new AK-74 and convert it into the Polish wz.96 Beryl rifle (LR300 stock, custom barrel extension, etc). Or I'll just go with Cyma's new AKS-47 and turn it into an AKMS if my budget's tight :)


Of course I'll post some pictures when I'm done with it, but for now - enough OT :D

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just a bit of messing about while i had the scope and bipod off my g-spec, it gave me a chance to test out my new m16 rail too


its not the best pic on the world as my camera isnt the best camera in the world

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