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Pictures of your weapon

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Terrible spelling btw ;) Look dude this isn't a text message its a public forum, people appreciate it if you spell things correctly and display some semblance of proper English grammar, thanks.


Just thought I would mention that before anyone gets annoyed :)

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ryan-  are u going to put that guarder aimpoint back on ur gun w/ cantilever? or are u gonna do the L-mount?? if u do L-mount.. would u then have to take the rear sight out? sorry for so many questions.. i have ur same gun, and that was the exact setup i was thinking.. nice paint btw.


I'm not planning on using my "G&P" Aimpoint anymore, but if I did I would get the A.R.M.S. #40 Rear Flip-Up Sight to use with it. ( There is a cheaper replica on WGCshop ) :o


Are you currently procuring a G&P Aimpoint? If so, I will sell you mine w/ the Cantilever for $60 USD. :)

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