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Pictures of your weapon

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Well I will get better I'm sure, but I'm stuck to just spinning 'em about a bit for now :D Damn tendonitis/right handedness <_<


You should learn how to juggle, and have 3 S.A.A's! Now that I would pay to watch.... psssshhh I would even pay to have a S.A.A in my hand for a min.


Thanks again for the pics!

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I hear bad things of the Hudson GBBs - is it any good?



One day, someone will make an AEG M3a1 and I will be able to relive my DOD glory days...


So far so good, just got done plinking about 100 rounds, but a warning did show in the website, it says for demonstration only, thinkn about painting it so it would be one color

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looks good, how are those vert grip bipod thingies, i dont like the look of them really but if they work good then hey.



eh... I like it more because it's a large, solid grip but the bipod feature comes in use every once in a while when i'm observing or just waiting to snipe someone in particular.


that and it's great for setting up your weapon for the beauty shots.

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REECE Project-Done








MTHaynes Milspec billet Limited gearbox

Prometheus Double torques

Systema Wiring and all the doo-dads

Systema spring guide

pdi 1 big spring

G&P poly piston

Systema bore up

Systema torque up motor

Systema Hop up

Prometheus 407mm 6.03 barrel




Troy Flashidder

KA 16in barrel

Daniel Defense 12.0 FSP RAS

Magpul Coyote grips

G&P 10.8v 3300 Peq

G&P Blackwater metal body

CA Coyote Grip

Magpul Coyote m93 stock w/ G&P adaptor




Trijicon Ta31rco ACOG



Internals and all the stuff i messed up done by jeff at A&A


Stock Jbwelded to the adaptor by Mark haynes

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