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Lightfighter.net Anti-stud/ARRSE Forum reposts

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It's come to my attention that several members are taking pictures from this site and posting them on other boards for the sole purpose of ridicule - for example, Lightfighter Tactical Anti-stud, and the ARRSE "He must be a virgin" threads.


I'm naming no names, but you know who you are.


It stops. Now.


Whilst I recognise that pictures will probably still find their way there as the board can be browsed by guests, if I find that an Arnies member is either posting said pictures, or partaking in such tearings down, then they will be BANNED from this site.


This is meant to be a community of like minded individuals, and such petty behaviour is NOT acceptable.



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In addition:


Who ever reposts any picture from here on another forum is legally in the wrong. Arnies Airsoft lays no claim of ownership on any picture or post content posted here, copyright & ownership remains with the original poster and posting it on Arniesairsoft.co.uk has no implied license granted to others for use.


(Obviously the above does not apply to copywritten site graphics, but rather posts made by users ;))


Many individuals believe that everything on the internet is in public domain. It is not. Only works with an expired copyright, works created by (and possibly "for") the federal government, or works specifically dedicated by the copyright holder as "public domain" are considered public domain.


The relevent law is the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1998

s4(1)(b )- definition of a photographic work as a copyright work

s16 - acts restricted by copyright, including republishing, copying, showing or performing the work in public, and so on

and most crucially, s17:


17.—(1) The copying of the work is an act restricted by the copyright in every description of copyright work; and references in this Part to copying and copies shall be construed as follows.


(2) Copying in relation to a literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work means reproducing the work in any material form.

This includes storing the work in any medium by electronic means.


Your redress in this instance is quite limited. You can, in theory, ask the owner/host of the offending other forum to remove the images because they're infringing your copyright, and legally, they should oblige. They have an 'innocent disseminator' defence (that they didn't know) up until the point you notified them. After that, the defence fails, so continuing to allow the work to be republished is an infringement of copyright.


As a third party site is republishing the pictures then usually there will be a contact page or details for the sites admin or webmaster type bods, they'd be your first point for an email "you do not have permission to publish x". However to uphold your complaint you'll have to prove ownership. Members will need to make official complaints themselves if they so choose.

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