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Roshambodian special forces loadout...

I've got my fancy pants expensive loadout too, but I'm part of the rebellion for this years operations so I tossed together the most ghetto loadout ever.




You need some CNN captions and a Shemagh :P

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I don't understand. If they are the same thing, then why would they have to be "classified" as a Mercenary? If they are the same thing, what is there to classify? If they are FOUND to be a Mercenary, then " they are an unlawful combatant and lose the right to prisoner of war status."


Nobody is "classified" as a mercenary. The old law that specifies what a mercenary is is a joke. Thats why the name changed to PMC, to get away from that stigma, they still do exactly the same thing.


Bottom line, PMCs conduct military style work for money, therefore they are Mercenaries.



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Lets make this thread into a PMC vs Merc debate shall we?


PMCs generally defend their work with morals and ethics, they only do "good" work and follow a strict code of cunduct, only work for internationally recognised governments and so forth.

For reference i may point towards Sandlines code of ethics/policy.

Blackwater for example claims to be faster and more effective in delivering humanitarian aid then most governments with their fleet of air and ground assets.


None of these apply for Mercenaries, they can work individually or as a outfit for companies (private armies) or despots, dictators and such. There are no morale code that needs to be followed (although some individuals might choose to follow one).

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My 2nd line:

1no. Eagle plate carrier with cummerbund L/XL with plates and soft armor (ranger green)

1no. Eagle two mag double cell m14 magazine pouch (ranger green)

1no. Eagle MBITR pouch (ranger green)

1no. Eagle GP pouch (ranger green)

1no. Eagle admin pouch (ranger green)

2no. Paraclete two mag single cell m14 double magazine pouch (ranger green)

1no. Tactical Tailor horizontal GP pouch (ranger green)

1no. Tactical Tailor shoulder pads (olive drab)

1no. Diamondback Tactical single cell m4 with 9mm pouch (ranger green)

1no. Diamondback Tactical MAP pack (ranger green)









My 1st line:

1no. Tactical Tailor duty belt (tan)

1no. Safariland 6004 p226 version (sprayed)

1no. Diamondback Tactical two cell 9mm magazine pouch (ranger green)

1no. TAG dump pouch (ranger green)


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Amazing Mars. How do you like the DBT Battlelab pouches? Been looking to pick some of those up.



Ive got several DBT pouches as well, and they quality is awesome. I dont know about the other colors but Multicam has been backed up forever it seems. I made an order in Mid Nov. and i still only have two of the 8 or so pouches i ordered. Other than that i recommend them highly.

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