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Pictures of your Gear

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Loving it, Im considering going desert or multicam for urban, dont suppose you have any more of the other guy whos in the back of that van with you?



he's my old teammate, i as well have multicam, here are some pictures that might help.






old teammates:







and the super unorganized group photo!


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Well that link took me to Red wolfs selection of AEGs :P

But ok, ill look again :)


Edit - Ok so after re looking, I found the Milspex version - So are Milspex and Phantom the same brand? :unsure::(


Edit - ok found it :( - Gah i'm such an idiot sometimes :blush:

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Loving it, although it looks like your mag pouches are really low in the first picture.


Maybe blouse your boots, and get some kneepads? Your legs look a little plain.


Other than that, likes very nice. :D


Edit: lol You are indeed wearing your hat like a chav :rolleyes:


Edit2: OMFG! your gun is also teh sechZ!

Edited by PariahWolf
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I have Alta Kneepads


But before the pic i was messing around and got Dog POO all over them


Friggen Dog Spoooge



mercy LOL


another pic


*waits for flames...i forgot my finger was on the trigger, i need a slap*




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