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old set up, now has DBT hydration, DBT small radio and a DBT 6P pouch on it. Ditched the SAW pouch and got a DBT double pistol mag pouch in its place. There is also another emdom on top of the DBT pouch for other kitty items. Upgrading to a CIRAS soon.

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JSOC operator setup (devgru, delta or whatever...)


easy kitlist :

- Bonnie hat tan

- Shemag

- ECWCS woodland

- Baggy skateboard pant tan

- CIRAS maritime CB

- Adidas 1962 shoes

- nomex BHI gloves

- M4 CQB



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Very nice BadAssTronaut :)


What's the black thing on the back? Looks kinda like a hard case for NVG.


Your right mate. Its a TT PVS-14 hard case.


BTW, if your wondering why there's a gap in the pouches at the front on the outer cumberbund its because I don't have a spare TT single kicking around ATM. Plan to add one ASAP.

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