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Yep, it's a decent holster. Certainly fine for airsoft purposes. Doesn't have a real fast draw, as the thumb break is very stiff and requires a bit of force to pop open. That's fine for me however as my pistol is intended for backup and therefore not drawn a whole lot. The main reason for getting an Uncle Mike's was the local avaliblity and good price ($27 all told). If you are interested it's model # 7016-0, Size 16. On the box it just says "Ambidextrous Holster w/ mag pouch and belt clip"


I was originally looking for an Uncle Mike's Kydex for the USP but I couldn't find anywhere local that stocked them. Tons of stuff for the Glock (as the local PD uses them), but I guess not many people in my area use the USP.




- CapaciousZepher

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Used to be a thing in the Marines your waist size had to be less than or equal to your inseam. Weight wasn't really a factor. But the times have changed.


Edit: Oh yeah if the weapon positions have you confused, I'm left eye dominate but right handed. So I shoot rifles with my left hand and pistols with the right.


RTFP=Read the *fruitcage* post.

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Operation Irene IV loadout:




Let's see if I can remember everything...

DCU's (Charlie Co. FTW!)

Paraclete RACK w/

- Battlelab tierred M4 pouches x4

- HSGI pistol mag pouches x3

- Tactical Tailor single 5.56 pouch

- Emdom BOMB

- BPG large upright GP pouch

- Tactical Tailor small radio pouch

- Supply Captain patch panel w/ name tape, calico jack, and mclmm meter patches

- Grimlocks x2

Supply Captain rigger's belt

Eagle Ind. Duty belt

Battlelab Low Profile suspenders

Uncle Mike's belt keepers

Safariland 6004

Alta knee pads (buckle version)

Camelbak Thermobak

Battlelab man-purse/ Escape and Evasion Bag (probably will fill with supplies and leave at FOB)

Nomex flight gloves

Merrell Sawtooths

Oakley M-frames (will have to wear my V-12's at Irene, though)

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Heres my full brit loadout,


Kit list is-


S95 ripstop jacket

S95 shirt

S95 ripstop combats

S95 cap

OD T shirt (with ACF emblem)

Arktis recon vest with left pouch attached

Altberg Skywalk boots


Scrim Scarf

(and im fully camed up)






edit:slightly bigger pics

Edited by Jaager
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Wanted a nice light loadout for summer, especially woodland games, as well as one that could be comfortably used over a fleece in colder weather.


This is what I arrived at. No pistol, and pretty much only the bear essentials. Note the whistle - at one of my local sites, the playable area is so huge that they recommend you keep a survival whistle on your at all times. Hence...


Gun is an ICS MP5A5 with a flashlight foregrip and 10 STAR 30rd mags.


Strider DB-L fixed blade can be just about made out in the 3rd pic down. It's behind my elbow, with the sheath mainly fixed in place underneath my TT GP pouch. It's a lovely draw from there, and dead easy to resheath, and looks the *beep* on the rig. Useful for hacking through tall grass, too (sorry, Forestry Commission!).





Head to toe...


TCI Liberator II Headset

Wiley-X Romer II Glasses


US Issue ACU w/ IR tabs, various patches

US Issue SPEAR Fleece, Black

Shemagh, OD/Black

TAG Rigger's Belt, OD

SWMS Max Grip NT Gloves, Sage Green/Black

Meindl Desert Fox/Safari Boots, Tan


Eagle Industries Rhodesian Recon Vest, Tan

Camelbak Thermobal 3l, CB

3no. Tactical Tailor Triple M4 Mag Pouches, Tan

Tactical Tailor GP Horizontal Pouch, Tan

HSGI Double Pistol Mag Pouch, Tan

Tactical Tailor Small Radio Pouch, OD

Maxpedition MM Dump Pouch/Medium Rollypolly, OD


Strider DB-L NSN w/ CB G10 Grips & CB CSM Sheath, No.93

TAD Gear Survival Capsule, Whistle Component, Black

F|S Utility HAK v2, Tan Cord Wrap

Surefire Z2 CombatLight

Gerber Compact 400 Sport (Multitool), Black

Kenwood TK3101 PMR446 Radio

Sharpie & Notepad




Pics w/ Full ACUs:












Pics w/ SPEAR Fleece:















Not the world's greatest pics, so I apologise. My camera hates focussing on stuff indoors, so I had to bodge manual focus (hard at that range). I'll get some good outdoor ones ASAP :)

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I fell on the poor thing twice yesterday and screwed up the stock. Took the stock off, removed a couple of bits of broken plastic and put it back on and it's good to go again. I swear this thing is indestructable - despite falling on it, none of the metal has a mark on it, let alone a crack.

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