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Alright heres the almost final stage of my US Navy Seal DA impression. I only need a few things:

Backpannel for my RAV





After that its done. Sorry for the *beep* pics its the best I can manage for now.









Comments? Suggestions? Insults (just for you Adam)? Fire away!

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Thanks Mike :P


Kitlist Ahoy!



Contract over run ACUs

Oakley Half Jacket XJLs

Notre Dame hat

661 Gloves

Bates M9 boots (not shown)


First line:

Eagle duty belt (OD)

BHI USPc Dropleg Holster (Tan)

Gemtech TRL (black)

SOB Small Utility pouch (OD) (not shown)

Maxpedition Rollypolly (OD)


Second Line:

Paraclete RAV (SG)

TAG Triple M4 mag pouch (OD)

TAG Double Enhanced pistol mag pouch (OD)

TT Single Pistol Mag pouch (OD)

HSGI Frag Nade pouch (OD)

TT Small Utility (OD)

Madpedition Coccoon pouch (OD)

BHI Med Pouch (OD)

TT Hydro Pouch (OD) (Not shown)

Paraclete Med Upright Utility (CB) (not shown)

4x STS Custom Mp5 mag pouches (under cummerbund) (MJK)

DBT Med Utility (Not shown)

*coming soon* MLCS MIBTR radio pouch (RG)

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If you need XS you should'nt be in the Army :P They make a XL though.



I also thought there is no XS until I found this on bulletproofme.com:


Chest Measurements OVER UNIFORM:

X-Small (XS) Up to 33" (84 cm.)

Small (S) Up to 37" (91 cm.)

Medium (M) Up to 41" (102 cm.)

Large (L) Up to 45" (112 cm.)

Extra-Large (XL) Up to 49" (122 cm.)


I just want to know why one person has three OTVs in three different sizes...

You are so right, four OTVs in four different sizes is more reasonable.


You could atleast fully out fit the IBAs. Whats the point in owning multiple sizes if they are bare?

They are not bare. Particularly the medium one (center) is fully equipped with self-made hardfoam inserts of real dimensions (including the throat and groin protector) and replica SAPI plates. For events I would just consolidate all pouches onto one vest and that should be more than enough, because my kitlist consists of: 1x 100 rds. mag pouch, 2x double mag pouch, 1x cqb mag pouch, 1x AFAIK pouch (already on its way to me from the States), Grimloc carabiners, 1x gas mask pouch & 100oz. Camelbak (both not on the photo). I've seen photos of real world operators with much less on their OTV, but on the other hand there is still so many temptations on ebay.

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Left to Right (this is all my gear bar 2Glocks which are at G_R's house awaiting repair and sale.


Replica PASGT and Fleckie Cover

Flecktarn Airforce Cap

Flecktarn Boonie

Black Woolen Balaclava

Bolle Shooting Glasses

Flecktarn Shirt

Flecktarn Trousers and belt (NOT a stain on the trousers, Light flash)

Flecktarn Flak Vest

Black leather half finger gloves

Webbing with Belt

Flecktarn Spade pouch

Flecktarn General purpose pouch

Flecktarn Canteen pouch

Flecktarn MP5 mag pouch

3 x name tags (need to be sewn on saying Hellfire)


Night Vision Binoculars with a 2.5x (i think)

Leather case


One left Gaurder drop leg

One Right Gaurder drop leg

Flecktarn SAAV

Gun bag

ICS MP5A4 with walther 40mm RDS and 2 point sling (im a lefty, 3points on the mp5 is near impossible, 3700mah batt 2x mags have a high cap but hate it and need more mids)

HFC M190 FULL METAL + MAG, lovely, *fruitcage* lovely gun

DE M47 with a mazuren Barrell and one mag

TM Beta spetz with 3 GnP mids n batt, turning this baby into a rpk


Also on the way or just bout to pay for


Top M4a1 with 3mid caps n batt

10star real caps for M16

Police Riot armour

Black BDUs

Bullie black vest

10star mp5 mags

VMS M16 pouch

VMS pistol pouch x 2


I think that is it.

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