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Where can I get the furniture for the Beryl?

(stock & foregrip)





http://www.allegro.pl/item139189325_beryl_loze_nakladka.html right there. PM me if you want this guy's e-mail address, he can arrange anything Beryl-related for you. Keep in mind it's more than just that, though - the front sight post, hadguard retainer and gas tube lock are all different than AK-74... the engineers wanted to justify the pay and changed more than was really necessary, LOL :D

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Wow, how do you move in all that ^_^

Nice kit though, I'm thinking of getting a set of flecktarn, perhaps the gortex as I got completely drenched last game in my standard U.S. woodland. A mate had a gortex suit and was laughing as he was snug as a bug.




- CapaciousZepher

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Here's some pics of my MARPAT loadouts at the time. (And I know that the Calico Jack is Navy Seals patch, not marines)





This loadout is more MARPAT loadout, than USMC.



American Apparel issue MARPAT

Sekri issue MARPAT fieldcap

SpecOps Recon Wrap

Revision Army Desert Locust Goggles

Magnum Amazon Desert Boots


1st Line:

Eagle Duty Belt

Strike Systems Utility Leg Rig

Tactical Tailor Modular Pistol Holster


2nd Line:

Eagle Plate Carrier

RAV ID Panel

Supplycaptain 5.56mm Triple Modular Magazine Pouch (2x)


The hydration system is Camelback OMEGA Thermobak 3l



PS. Sorry for the bad english

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stuffpd4.th.jpg vestjw5.th.jpg


- LKT Szturman-1 (Light Tactical Vest Szturman-1)

1. Calico Jack patch

2. IFF IR patch

3. "Arafat" tag

- Cap

- G&P USSF Helmet (copy of Pro-tec ACE)


- Glock 19 KSC

- Hood

- Glasses

- BDU (EA Industries)

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Due to living on an island its harder for me to get to games, so i had some new kit n wanted to look at my diff loadouts, if in wrong place, sorry, anyway here we are


and YES i forgot to wear my gloves lol


General Solider Look - HK Mp5





Heavy Gunner - M60





Special Forces - MP5






Sniper 1 Loadout - M4







Continued in next post.

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