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If she enlists in hte marines then she should be in MARPAT not ACU! She truely is blonde! i agree with medic23 she needs shooting. Twice for good measure!




on IMDB it says Army...


at least they didn't give her an ACU sneaking suit/catsuit - that would have been odd - or made her enlist in SpecOps - that would be even more odd...


EDIT: at least wear an interceptor, miss...

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Heya I'm gonna take a flyer here and say: wait a sec! why shoot her? We all already know she's no rocket scientist (Buffalo wings incident...). I say we shoot the writers, producer and production designer!


C'mon... you guys know theirs gonna be plenty of "fan service" ;)

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I have finally put my gear together and decided to update you all with my new and current loadout. Just about all new tactical gear. Enjoy! *Sorry, these pics hosted only have my X7 in them, not my Airsoft rifle.*

Gear and loadout:


Shot with DSC-T50 at 2007-07-31


Shot with DSC-T50 at 2007-07-31


Shot with DSC-T50 at 2007-07-31


Shot with DSC-T50 at 2007-07-31


Shot with DSC-T50 at 2007-07-31


Shot with DSC-T50 at 2007-07-31


-Full ACU Uniform, MOLLE Plate Carrier, Delta Force CQB Helmet, ALTA Knee Pads, V-Force Paintball Mask, OD Coolmax Tactical Socks, SPECOPS Half-Cut Fingerless Gloves, Magnum Elite Boots, Hawk BDU Belt, OPS Watch Cover and NOMEX Balaclava.

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