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Well, I am starting to work a US Army SF impression, this is only the beginning of it, but I like it so far...












Note: This is a cold-weather patrol loadout, hence the hat.


Also, please don't start with the finger on the trigger, I MEANT to have it on the trigger, these are action shots. The photo room was clearand safe and myself along with the cameraman were wearing eye protection.






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Where are your shoulder pads?


forgot to put em on midway thru assembly, and now they dont' quite have enough space to fit on without me adjusting everything, so I figured what the hell, it isn't worth it.


I'm not carrying enough weight to justify having them on. I might have to put them on if we go to a 24hr or more game.

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A couple of us did that at drill one weekend. We are all now a couple patches short. If you wear them on your arm I'd suggest cutting them down if at all possible so they fit flush with your arm pocket. But thats just me though.


I don't know how many times I've bumped into another soldier and ended up missing my flag or grabbing sombody elses. I usually use one of the IR flags in the field, either full color or subdued and they stick better. My unit patch on the other hand doesn't have and IR equivalent and gets torn up and snagged on all the flora.

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ssddismymotto: Your next trick should be to paint the gun to match your uniform! Sorry, there's just something so ugly about you two not matching better.


Unless it matches another loadout of yours, in which case I understand...

i think a gun painted in an ACU color scheme would be ugly

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