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@Rommel- Its a Ajax Cusotms G&G SPR with Deans Connectors and STS. The SPR Front End escapes me so I will Ask Ajax which brand he modified the G&G with, The paint job is all hand done by Ajax as well. THe Du0 Stock is for Mil/LE rifles and it too has been modified slightly to fit the buffer tube of the G&G M4. I like the digital pattern on the Gat as it blends well with my ACU's and Multicam Loadouts.




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Bud, are you guys in Italy? Still using open squad bays?


My hats off to you, there is nothing more humbling than having no private space as a single GI.



Im with the newley developed strike force 1-91 ABN CAV stationed in Germany. But these pics where takin during training (OpSec) in the middle of no where and a very long drive away from the barracks.


No matresses, smelly ACU's, and DAGR's that barelly work. Every mans dream for a field problem. ;)

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ACU loadout in progress. Its not finished but this is shall we say the foundations :)





Army ACU Under Armour

Army ACU Trousers

Oakley Pilot Gloves

ACU Kneepads

LOWA Desert Elite Boots

ACU Molle Blast Belt

BULLE ACU Interceptor Armour

Warrior Tan Pouches + Hydration Pack

ESS Glasses

Revision Desert Locust Goggles

ACU Helmet Cover + Replica PASGAT

G&P M4 Special Forces.

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Here's my loadout for now. I tell myself that its done but we'll see. 90% of the time I use this gear, I only use something else when I'm going to an event with uniform restrictions.




Heres a list of all the stuff IN the pouches, but not a complete kit list.


6 Systema magazines

2 CO2 M9 magazines

2 Tornado grenades

1 Claymore

1 Claymore detonator

1 spool tripwire

2 LB2 lights

4 spare surefire batteries

1 Benchmade strap cutter

1 Gerber multi tool



I occasionally switch it up with smoke grenades, nerf rockets and a 40mm drop leg rig depending on what role I am playing in. I'm working on attaching a larger camelbak with 3 pouches so that can carry the claymore on my back along with a radio and CO2 air rig for my classic guns. That will give me room for the smokes/nerf rockets on the front of my vest.

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Depends how you like it to fit, maybe. The torso isn't really an issue since it's all pressed in to you with armour on anyway, but I tried a Large (and wear a Medium Short ACU shirt) and I find the length of the arms perfect. I can only see a Medium being too short (and I wear a damn SHORT shirt).


But yeah, your mileage may vary, I guess. I know I'm not alone on going a size up, though. :)

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