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Now African rebels are wearing what I would think is replica ACU uniforms... This is rebel leader Laurent Nkunda



You would have thought he would have got a hat that fits?Or is that the latest African fashion?

He also looks a little like Wesley Snipes,may be Wesley has been moonlighting & that's why the tax man is after him?


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I still want a drop leg panel along with some patches but this is it so far


Its a pain trying to take photos on self timer :( Hence shoddy quality.








EDIT: Better ones.



Anyway kit is....


ACU Bulle NYCO Trousers and Shirt.

ACU Bulle OTV Interceptor Vest + Pouches.

ACU Molle Blast Belt.

ACU Knee Pads.

ACU Baseball Cap.

ACU Hydramax Hydration Pack.

ESS ICE Glasses.

Oakley Tan Pilot Gloves.

LOWA Desert Elite Boots.

MICH 2001 Helmet (Needs Strap).

MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X.

G&G M4A1 Blowback AEG.

Warrior Tan Grenade Pouches.

Revision Desert Locust Goggles.




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and another one to fall for the "universal" in Universal Camo Pattern :D


Damn, PsyOps is good at their job eh? Publishing a camo as universal, then getting other countries to adopt it.

Now, we wait. When all the other countries change to ACU too, we change back to M81 :D

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and another one to fall for the "universal" in Universal Camo Pattern :D


Honestly, i think it's more of a "cool guy gear" look to it. I think he clearly knows it's ineffective as camouflage in the jungle, but wears it because it's the "latest and greatest". Whether it really is or not is up for debate, but that's probably why the guy uses it. It's kinda like people who buy iPhones but also carry an iPod with them everywhere.


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I've had offers for my ACU Armour Chassis so I figured when I saw while I was buying my HK416 this it's worth posting here:




I doesn't look half bad to be honest. I doubt it's made out of the real ACU IR retardant material but it has the right looks to it.

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if you're talking bout the 3rd pic its my camera pouch D-ringed to my vest




Wow man, you have way more ###### on your helmet than I'd ever want to keep on mine. I used to have the ACH ARC rails on my helmet too but I removed them after I took home my helmet cam.


I'm a medic too, btw...


P.S. I hope you removed that locktite (blue stuff) from the screws before you put on the ARC, otherwise it will be a sad day when it comes to trying to take them off. I stripped all my pathetic screws. *grumble*

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