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Ive owned one of the PASGT Vests before but the sheer weight of those kind of vests is nuts, not something I'd like to lug around all day!


....please don't remind me of basic training *shivers* anywho the IBA is a little longer and a replica doesnt weight nearly as much. I've had the Condor for a few years now and surprisingly it's lasted quite well and is nice to wear when I just want to through on a chest rig (I have no pouches mounted on the IBA).

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Yeah, keeping the top untucked is a good suggestion - we don't wear it like that, so to me it looks odd as hell to see people do it.


I've seen MP's out of Leonard Wood do tuck, as well as a few guys from Campbell the swore that's the air assault way, who knows if it's true though....

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Anyone have any idea as to what kind of ACU uniforms these guys have? The shirts and pants are totally not standard ACU cut blouses and trousers...The blouses have a bellowed pocket with split velcro on the sleeve, and the pants have a crye-type front thigh pocket. Those are the features i SEE. I don't know what others there are.

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