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Not trying to rain on the parade, but i see many pics of useless gear/pouches? blink.gif I mean, with so much on how would you know if you got hit? Unless everyones shooting HOT and you can feel the sting through the vests 'n such.


What exactly is everyone carrying besides mags, the occasional grenade and med kit or tools?


I see alot of guys not wearing face protection other than glasses or goggles? At our field here we don't really have regulation on FPS, some guys are shooting .25g BBs and heavier and around 450FPS and above on some guns. With that in mind, NO ONE steps on the field without full face goggles, and the few guys who haven't, have learned the hard way with BBs lodged in the face. OUCH!


Idk, it all looks cool and stuff and i'll be posting my ACU load out soon, sorry to go off topic!!!!!


I wish maybe our fields would regulate FPS, then i could go just rocking goggles, b/c I'm tired of face masks, especially b/c its FREAKING HOT on island. flamed.gif

The last time i decided to just rock the neoprene mask i took one in the forehead and it left a welt for three weeks, sucked *albatross* looking like i had a bee sting on my forehead at work dry.gif Will be posting soon of my ACU load out!!

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in my photos above, the pistol pouches and E-tool one was empty (I couldn;t be bothered taking them off) but I was carrying around 10 mags, 2 smokes and 2 frag grenades and a spare battery, replica PRC-148, water bladder and waterproof :) as for the hits, If I'm in any doubt I always just take the hit, the games are quick enough. Similar issue when wearing a ghillie.


at that site in the pics we have a max 330-350fps, face protection is reccomended but not essential. it's up to each player, if they don't mind the odd face shot fine.

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I run my guns around 390-420 fps with .25 BBs. And alot of guys shoot even hotter than that, making the likely hood of penetrating the skin very high. My buddies look at me like I'm crazy when i run a neoprene mask and scarf wrapping my face with goggles. Recently i upgraded to a hat!! Ive heard of some guys chipping teeth bc they run just the safety glasses.


10 mags?! Are they lo-cap? I run about 4 Pmags and two m9 mags when i play. Looking to get a frag this weekend too. Are you making your smoke grenades? I cant wait for the weekend to take some load out pic's.

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Operation: Kitchen Paint Pot Extraction Force Part 7 Let The Decoration Commence


Gentex ACH + AERO Industries Inserts

ZTactical Sordin Headset

Replica ORC Industries PCU Level 5 Jacket

Bulle ACU Trousers

Blackhawk Hellstorm V2 Kneepads

Mechanix Woodland Gloves

LOWA Desert Elite

Flyye 3 Point Sling

Flyye RAV M4 Double Pouches

Flyye MBSS Hydration Backpack

Flyye SF Admin Panel

Flyye Large Radio Pouch

Flyye M60 Multi Purpose Pouch

Revision ACU Googles + Lens Bag

Black Riggers Belt

ESS Ice Glasses

5.11 Black Spare Gloves

Pantac RRV Vest

Pantac RRV/MBSS Back Panel

Pantac Utility Bumbag

Pantac Body Armour Vest







Uploaded with ImageShack.us





Uploaded with ImageShack.us




Uploaded with ImageShack.us

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Yesterday in Catterick Garrison / OP. Titan







Kit list


- Uniform - ACU UCP issue

- Combat Shirt [uBACS] - Massif UCP issue

- Boots - Magnum Spider 8.0

- Gloves - Oakley

- Glasses ESS ICE

- Bassebal cap - MAGLITE :P

- 1 line harness & belt - Pantac

- Plate Carrier - Warrior Ricas Compact

- Pouches - Warrior + Bulle cargo + MIWO radio pouch

- Radio - Navcomm + 1,2 antenna

- RIF - JG G36c with stanag magwell + ACOG scope + tac light + 3 point sling

- Mags - 6 x mid 120bb




Special tactical teddy bear - "M*issue"

all info about "M*issue - http://dpm-soldier.pl/mis/index_english.html

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