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bbguns.co.uk trustable for cheap springers?

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Basically, I'm looking for a cheap springer to use in a demonstration on safety with different things such as knives, electricity and other things such as toy guns in public for a group of 'challenged' <_< 13/14 year olds at a school near me.


I only have a budget of £35 with which to buy my props, and as such can't afford to spend £30 on a springer such as those at ZeroOne.


So, is this site trustable in anyones experience?


I would use one of my own airsoft guns but those hosting do not feel it appropriate to bring higher end weapons in in case it gives the kids ideas ...


Any help is appreciated.



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I bought a springer off them a while ago and they gave pretty good service. Another reliable supplier of cheap springers is:



I bought cheap springers off airshooter and bbguns a while ago and I recieved VERY good service from airshooter (arrived next day with only standard shipping), and very good service (2 days with standard shipping) from bbguns.co.uk. bbguns.co.uk also give free shipping if you spend over a certain amount IIRC.


Ant :)

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