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UHC Mk23 Tomb Raider Springer

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This is my first online review


Intro: I picked this gun up from a local gift area that sells knives and that sort of thing for $30. I picked it up and the first thing I noticed is that most of the weight is in the front of the gun near the barrel attachment. I'm guessing that a weight was added to give the gun more heft. I went in to buy a Beretta or standard Mk23, but I was overall pleased with it more so then the standard Mk23 or Beretta so I bought it instead


What Comes In The Shinny Box: Well I opened the box when I got home. Inside was the standard package. Gun in styrofoam package, the magazine (that comes complete with the 40 S&W trades, are those supposed to be there?), 100 .12 BB's, and an assortement of safety posters and manuals for the gun all with some classic spelling errors (Such as Terminoligy spelt as Teminology, and so on and so forth). This gun also comes with the a the standard orange tip, and orange barrel plug.


The Gun Itself: Ok so now for the actual gun. This is my third spring gun I've ever had. I've never actually had a spring gun with a functioning hammer, so pulling the trigger and hearing that *click, click*, click* had me quite amused for a few minutes. This gun is made of ABS plastic. It is called the "Heavy Weight (HW)" model not for being made of HW materials, but for the added weight in the gun. This gun has safety. The safety is if you pull back the hammer, you can push up on the safety-lever, and then the gun will not fire. The build quality is moderately high, and should last for a good amount of time.


Shooting The Gun: Okay I have not been able to accuracy test this gun, due to it being a Christmas present to me, and it's just to da*n cold out to. I have however been able to chrono it with a coke can. I shoot it from point blank range, and it put a substantiel dent were the hit occurred. The surrounding area was not effected as much though. Id say the FOPS of this gun is somewhere around 185- 220 FOPS.


Problems: There were a few problems with this gun. The first is the mag release button is made of cheap plastic and feels as though it's about to break off. The second problem is that the mag just falls right out. I didn't like when my Grossman P99 Springer did this and I still don't like it with this gun. I've spent many hours try to find the base plate, and spring to my P99 Springers mag. The last problem would have to be all the added weight in the front of the gun.


Conclusion: Okay so heres the wrap up of this gun. It's got good build quality, but with a lot of mold lines. It chronos fair enough for a springer. I would say this is the perfect addition for anybody's, from collecters to die hard skirmishers, arsenal. And with a price tag of around $30, how do you go wrong? One thing I do advise against, is the whole duel wielding idea. It's just to big of a gun (maybe it's just the size of my hands) to do it, I've tried doing it all the ways in the duel wielding thread, and it didn't work for me. It also takes a little bit of power to pull the slide back (or again it might just be me) All in all its a good gun for anybody. I give it 3.5 stars out of 5 stars

- Crandall

PS I'll get pics up as soon as I upload them from my digi cam! :)

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Yes, nice first review, but :


>> Id say the FOPS of this gun is somewhere around 185- 220 FOPS.


It's FPS, probably just a typo, BUT...


>> It chronos fair enough for a springer


...you DIDN'T chrono it, you just guessed. This is misleading. You should say 'It appears to be powerful enough for a springer' as that is all you are in a position to state as fact.


Oh yes, and unless you're shooting at some over a matter of honour, it's DUAL wielding, not duel (A favourite mis-spelling on airsoft forums, like BARETTA!!!! :angry: )


Final point (sorry if these all sound negative, I DID think the review was pretty good :) ), you might want to proof read it, there are quite a lot of spelling and other errors (to damn cold should be TOO damn cold), which undermine (for some) the value of your review, which is generally good.


Be good to know WHAT other springers you are comparing with, too, to help assess the comments on quality.



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does the compensator come off?

I'm wondering about the same thing. I'm pretty certain that if it comes off, it won't fit on a Mk23 because the rails are of different size. I'm actually thinking about getting the HFC version of it whenever I buy some more airsoft stuff from any place that also sells cheap spring guns.

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