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Arnie's is back!

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Hi all,


A few minutes ago this site was brought back on-line after a few days of exhausting work to fix the recent connection problems we have been having.


Here is a message from the operator of the server...


After a lot of analysis, and some help from people from these forums in testing various things out, and a lot of time on the phone to the US, we have managed to establish some of the causes of the recent problems Arnies Airsoft has been having. With that in mind, I am very pleased to be able to tell you all that Arnie's is back online, hopefully working better than ever. Many of the tweaks that have been applied might not work, and as a result the site will continue to be monitored and tweaked throughout the course of the next 24 hours. It will be during this time that we will be able to see what else needs doing, be it hardware upgrade or software tweaking. If the site goes down again, please do not worry, it will be back as soon as further tweaks can be applied. Arnies Airsoft will remain with us for as long as Arnie wants it to continue, and if any of you notice the "site disabled" message, please do not panic, Arnie's is not doomed or gone forever, but instead will come back online as soon as the reason for the shutdown has been solved.


With a bit of luck, the site will be made stable over the next 24 hours. I will be making some recommendations to Arnie when he is able to get back to the site, and to R22 in the meantime as a result of the investigations which have taken place over the last three days.


If for any reason this site is down for a prolonged period of time, as a temporary measure I will keep you informed as to reasons in Arn's Corner on the Ivery Music forums which you can find at http://www.iverymusic.com.


Meanwhile, thank you all for your patience, and please feel free to continue to enjoy the best Airsoft resource in the world.


All the best,

Tim Ivery


Over to you R22!



So we're back up and running and it looks like things should be better now. If these problems do persist we have a few more tricks up our sleves, but to avoid any more outages we are hoping that the work undertaken during the week is effective.


Thank you all for bearing with us. ;)




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